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[1/19 held webinar] [Promoting medical DX] Introducing the latest lineup of AI solutions in the life science field

The Cabinet Office is also advocating Society 5.0 in the midst of rapid changes in the times.AI has become indispensable as a tool for building a human-centered society by achieving both economic development and solving social issues through a system that highly integrates virtual space and real space. rice field.
FRONTEO's life science AI business aims to contribute to the improvement of medical care and technological innovation in the field of life science by maximizing the value of such AI technology.
In this webinar, we will introduce our latest lineup of AI solutions specializing in natural language processing.


【Webinar Summary】

◆ Theme: [Promoting medical DX] Introducing the latest lineup of AI solutions in the life science field
◆ Date: September 2022, 1 (Wednesday) 19: 17-00: 17
◆ Recommended for people like this!
・ For those who work for pharmaceutical companies
・ Everyone who wants to improve their daily work
・ Everyone who is looking for new value
・ Everyone who is interested in promoting DX


Tomoya Ohsumi (Director, Medical DX Team, Life Science AI Business Headquarters, FRONTEO Inc.)
After joining IQVIA in 2006, after working in a sales position (MR), he became a project manager, group manager, and new business development manager.Responsible for marketing, training, consulting, and medical related projects, mainly in the oncology area.Engaged in launching new businesses and organizational reforms such as oncology MRs, MSLs, and clinical educators. From 2019, he will launch a new service for patients as the person in charge of new business development of the patient support program.
In 2020, he obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Waseda University Business School.While attending school, he conducted quantitative research on the clinical development of ethical drugs and wrote a master's thesis.
Joined FRONTEO in 2021 and became the head of the medical DX team of the Life Science AI Business Headquarters. Challenge to solve medical problems by utilizing AI. 

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