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Message from the President

To our shareholders

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our shareholders for their continued support.
Based on our corporate philosophy of "not overlooking risks and opportunities buried in records," the Group provides solutions centered on proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) engines and contributes to solving social issues in various fields. I have done it.
The pandemic of "Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)" from the beginning of the year has caused serious social turmoil, which has increased uncertainty about the future of the world economy.We see this situation as an opportunity for change that overturns existing concepts, and as an AI company, we have begun to tackle these issues.
In the drug discovery area, we have constructed a pathway map of new coronavirus infections (a pathway map that connects the relationships of genes, etc.) and succeeded in listing candidate compounds that are expected to be used as therapeutic agents.This technology plays an important role in the search for sustainable drug discovery targets not only in emergencies but also in peacetime for unknown infectious diseases that will occur in the future, and supports the establishment of an early development system for therapeutic drugs in pharmaceutical companies. I will.
In addition, we will promote the use of AI in intelligence activities at public institutions and companies as a new challenge to the current uncertain situation.We believe that our AI solutions, which recognize the current situation from vast amounts of information and connect to future predictions and countermeasures, will play an important role in the sustainable growth of nations and companies in the age of change.
Since our founding, we have been providing solutions to detect signs of risk and support appropriate responses at an early stage, and we have utilized our ability and experience as a front runner who has implemented AI in the field of business one after another. We will strive to expand our business by tackling the social issues that arise.We would like to ask our shareholders for their continued support and encouragement.

President and CEO of FRONTEO Inc.
Masahiro Morimoto

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