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Two unique artificial intelligence

Two Unique Artificial Intelligence


Developed for Information Discovery
AI that Makes "Human Judgment" with Little Training Data

Concept Encoder

Co-analysis with numerical data such as gene expression information is also possible
AI that realizes the use of medical big data
" Concept Encoder"


Provided by a group of specialists in natural language processing

Legal Tech

LegalTech AI

The LegalTech AI business, which has been a business since FRONTEO was founded, has two pillars: eDiscovery (electronic information disclosure) support and forensic investigation (digital forensics). We provide one-stop services from security measures during normal times to data identification, maintenance, and processing in the event of an emergency, document reviews, and creation of submitted data (reports) to support customer safety.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

Utilizing the AI technology cultivated in the founding business Legal Tech Business, we provide solutions that help improve work efficiency in various business fields such as human resources, intellectual property, legal affairs, and labor. It is used in various fields, such as automated email audits, patent research and analysis, business data analysis, and capturing signs of dissatisfaction from VoC (customer feedback) to improve customer satisfaction.


Life Science AI

Life Science AI business conducts cross-sectional analysis of various structured and unstructured data that exist in medical and nursing care settings.
Artificial intelligence "Concept Encoder" makes it possible to discover phenomena that could not be seen only by conventional analysis of structured data, and various possibilities have been born.

Introduction company




Our data scientist helped to translate "Business Data Science Textbook"

Mr. Takuro Inoue and Yuichi Umemoto, Data Analysis Team, Customer Success Business Headquarters, FRONTEO's data scientist in Matt Taddy's “Business Data Science Textbook” currently published by Subarusha, Behavior Informatics Laboratories Lab...


ai Concept Encoder event kibit

FRONTEO×Retriever×Nextremer co-sponsored seminar “The management team of natural language processing vendors talks! The point of analysis of text data that can be used tomorrow”

On July 21, 2020, FRONTEO will co-sponsor with Retriba Co., Ltd. and Nextremer Co., Ltd. to hold an online seminar with the seminar title "The management team of natural language processing vendors speaks!


Concept Encoder life science Drug discovery support AI

Lecture at the Bioindustry Association on COVID-19 drug discovery using AI

On July 6, 2020 (Monday), Mari Yamamoto, director of the Life Science AI Business Division, director of the Company, said, “COVID-19 Candidates using the Cascade Eye, an AI system that supports drug discovery against coronaviruses. Therapeutic drug search project...


Concept Encoder life science Press conference Dementia diagnosis support

We held a joint press conference with Kyowa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

On Wednesday, June 3, 2020, Kyowa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and FRONTEO will hold a press conference of "Business Alliance on Development and Sales of New Medical Devices Supporting Dementia Diagnosis" using AI. It was Dementia diagnosis support AI system is FRONT...