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Identify Risks and Opportunities




Three unique artificial intelligence

Three unique artificial intelligence


Developed for the purpose of "discovering information"
AI that makes "human judgment" with little teacher data

Concept Encoder

Co-analysis with numerical data such as gene expression information is also possible
AI that realizes the utilization of medical big data
"Concept Encoder"

Looca Cross

From the vast amount of information obtained from open source
Companies on various sanctions lists and specific companies
AI engine that extracts connections with groups
"Looca Cross"


Provided by a group of natural language analysis specialists

Legal Tech

Legal Tech AI

The Legal Tech AI business, which has been a business since the founding of FRONTEO, has two pillars: e-discovery (electronic information disclosure) support and forensic research (digital forensics).We support the safety of our customers by providing one-stop services from security measures in normal times to data identification, maintenance and processing in the event of an emergency, document review, and creation of submitted data (reports).

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

Utilizing the AI ​​technology cultivated in our founding business, Legal Tech Business, we provide solutions that help improve work efficiency in various business fields such as human resources, intellectual property, legal affairs, and labor.It is useful in various fields such as email / chat auditing, patent search / analysis, business data analysis, and catching signs of dissatisfaction from VoC (customer feedback) to improve customer satisfaction.


Life science AI

In the life science AI business, we perform cross-sectional analysis of various structured and unstructured data that exist in the medical and long-term care settings.
The artificial intelligence "Concept Encoder" makes it possible to discover events that could not be seen only by analyzing conventional structured data, creating various possibilities.

Economic security

Economic security

FRONTEO's economic security solution utilizes natural language processing technology and proprietary AI to visualize the situation surrounding a company and support the formulation of optimal management strategies through analysis of cutting-edge technology trends and supply chains.

Introducing company



Concept Encoder Webinar life science Treatise search AI

[1/27 Webinar] New article search using AI Case study of "concept search" by Amanogawa

Thesis search AI system "Amanogawa" searches for similar articles by "concept" from words, sentences and hypotheses by AI. A huge amount of paper information published in PubMed is instantly extracted and classified, and the results are displayed as location information, so you can see the search results ...


kibit Webinar Business intelligence For finance

[1/25 held webinar] Understand the "financial DX" that will be accelerated by utilizing AI! -Introducing the latest cases such as voice text data analysis-

While the use of AI and digital is being promoted, recently there is an opportunity to hear about concerns such as "I am collecting information but I do not know the priority for my company" and "I introduced it but it does not have the desired effect". is increasing.You don't have the same challenge ...


Concept Encoder Webinar life science

[1/19 held webinar] [Promoting medical DX] Introducing the latest lineup of AI solutions in the life science field

The Cabinet Office is also advocating Society 5.0 in the midst of rapid changes in the times.AI is indispensable as a tool for building a human-centered society by achieving both economic development and solving social issues through a system that highly integrates virtual space and real space.


Webinar Legal Tech AI Lecture by a lawyer US patent litigation

[Webinar held on 1/20] Trends in AI, privacy and data protection laws in the EU, US and China

[Online Seminar co-sponsored by Covington & Burling LLP / FRONTEO] At this webinar, three lawyers based in the United States, China, and Europe will discuss the current status and general of the regulatory framework applied to artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

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