AI x natural language

Identify Risks and Opportunities



Two unique artificial intelligences

Two unique artificial intelligence


Developed for the purpose of "discovering information"
AI that makes "human judgment" with little teacher data

Concept Encoder

Co-analysis with numerical data such as gene expression information is also possible
AI that realizes the utilization of medical big data
"Concept Encoder"


Provided by a group of natural language analysis specialists

Legal Tech

Legal Tech AI

The Legal Tech AI business, which has been a business since the founding of FRONTEO, has two pillars: e-discovery (electronic information disclosure) support and forensic research (digital forensics).We support the safety of our customers by providing one-stop services from security measures in normal times to data identification, maintenance and processing in the event of an emergency, document review, and creation of submitted data (reports).

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

Utilizing the AI ​​technology cultivated in our founding business, Legal Tech Business, we provide solutions that help improve work efficiency in various business fields such as human resources, intellectual property, legal affairs, and labor.It is useful in various fields such as email / chat auditing, patent search / analysis, business data analysis, and catching signs of dissatisfaction from VoC (customer feedback) to improve customer satisfaction.


Life science AI

In the life science AI business, we perform cross-sectional analysis of various structured and unstructured data that exist in the medical and long-term care settings.
The artificial intelligence "Concept Encoder" makes it possible to discover events that could not be seen only by analyzing conventional structured data, creating various possibilities.

Economic security

Economic security

FRONTEO's economic security solution utilizes natural language processing technology and proprietary AI to visualize the situation surrounding a company and support the formulation of optimal management strategies through analysis of cutting-edge technology trends and supply chains.

Introducing company



Online study session Geopolitical risk Economic security

[Held on October 10th!13th Economic Security Study Group] Geopolitical Risk — Risk Management Upstream / Downstream of Supply Chain

As a sequel to the 6th sequel to the legal system and measures in various countries, such as data classification and security clearance required for cutting-edge technology research, this time, "Management Strategy and Economic Security Risk" (written by Toshifumi Kokubun, Alongside Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing), a Japanese company ...


Communication Meter kibit Webinar Business intelligence

[Webinar held on 9/28] Email monitoring using AI-Discovering risks from daily communication-

If a cartel, information leak, or business law violation occurs in-house, it will lead to a large financial loss and loss of social credibility.It is important to find such frauds quickly and deal with them quickly.However, the exchange of business emails is enormous and all ...


Webinar Legal Tech AI Lecture by a lawyer U.S. proceedings

[September Webinar] AI and Technology Assisted Review: Best Practices & Cutting-Edge Issues in Litigations and Investigations

[Online Seminar co-sponsored by Covington & Burling LLP / FRONTEO on September 9] At this webinar, global industry leaders will focus on cutting-edge issues of artificial intelligence and how to use them on a large scale ...


kibit Knowledge Probe Webinar Business intelligence

[Webinar held on 9/21] Data analysis by AI that learned the "judgment criteria" of experts-DX cases of compliance, personnel, and sales-

In today's world where email and SNS have become the mainstream of information transmission and the amount of data exchanged daily is increasing, data analysis is indispensable for improving work efficiency and accuracy.A huge amount of tech with AI that learned the "judgment criteria" cultivated through the experience of experts ...

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