Aiming for a hopeful future and a fair society with experts


FRONTEO was able to celebrate its 2023th anniversary on August 8, 8.We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for all of your support over the years.

The idea that inspired him to start the business was, "Many Asian companies are having a hard time in lawsuits in the United States because they don't know the system and how to fight. I want to do something about this situation." Overcoming these challenges, we have strived to impress our customers, stakeholders, and teams through our achievements.And that impression becomes the driving force for the next new challenge.

Developing this idea, we are currently making full use of our in-house developed AI engine "KIBIT" to provide optimal solutions that do not overlook the risks and opportunities that are buried in the records. We aim to realize a fair world where people can find necessary and appropriate information in various situations.

The communication gap between developers and users is currently a barrier to the implementation of AI solutions in society. At FRONTEO, domain specialists who are well versed in each specialized field communicate with customers based on the same high level of expertise and accompany experts as a bridge.

Experts who have a high degree of expertise and require advanced judgment, such as legal and medical professionals, and corporate legal affairs and procurement personnel, can find valuable new perspectives from vast amounts of information and records. , we will do our best to support them, and we want to be the one and only existence of such people.

Experts are innovators who face difficult issues every day to make society better, and our mission is to provide solutions that lead to innovative solutions to those issues as quickly as possible.We believe that innovation created by experts will lead to a hopeful future and a society that realizes fairness.

We will continue to grasp the needs of society, expand our areas of expertise, and create the future together with our experts.

History of FRONTEO

August 2003


Established Universal Business Incubators Co., Ltd. (UBIC)
Established Universal Business Incubators Co., Ltd. in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo for the purpose of importing and selling US-made forensic tools.

August 2005


[Legal Tech AI] Business start
Started providing computer forensic service "Computer forensic investigation service discovery (evidence disclosure) support service"

August 2007


Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (currently the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market)



Established UBIC North America, Inc. (now FRONTEO USA)

August 2008


Started review service

July 2009


Released "Lit i View", the world's first e-discovery software for Asian languages

August 2010


Established PCF FRONTEO Co., Ltd.
Established Payment Card Forensics Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary PCF FRONTEO Inc.) specializing in credit card fraud investigations.

July 2011


Established UBIC Taiwan, Inc. (now FRONTEO Taiwan, Inc.)



Established UBIC Korea, Inc. (now FRONTEO Korea, Inc.)

August 2012


In-house developed artificial intelligence (later KIBIT) released

August 2013


Listed on the US NASDAQ market (Delisted in February 2020)

August 2014


Opened Discovery Operation Center
The largest e-discovery laboratory in Japan, boasting world-class security and technology



[Business Intelligence] Business start
Started providing e-mail auditing product "Lit i View EMAIL AUDITOR"



Opened Forensics Operation Center
Established the Advanced Information Analysis Section, a forensic analysis team



Opened Behavioral Information Science Laboratory
Strengthen research on cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence technology.Creation of technology that protects society



[Life science AI] Business start
Full-scale entry into pharmaceutical big data analysis business

July 2015


In-house developed AI engine "KIBIT" announced

August 2016


Company name changed to FRONTEO Co., Ltd.
Changed the trade name to FRONTEO Inc., which means "progressive and cutting-edge value creation group"

August 2018


Started providing AI algorithms specialized for life sciences



Opened AI Tech Lounge
Opened two AI laboratories that will serve as bases for AI utilization and an AI lounge that provides customers with practical know-how in the head office

July 2020


[Economic security] Business start
Started providing OSINT (open source intelligence) service

July 2021


Opened Neurolinguistics Research Institute
Started providing AI algorithm specialized for economic security network analysis

August 2023


New AI drug discovery support service "Drug Discovery AI Factory" started



20 th anniversary