President / CEO Masahiro Morimoto
President / CEO Masahiro Morimoto

President / CEOMasahiro MorimotoMasahiro Morimoto

Born in Osaka in 1966. After graduating from the National Defense Academy in 1989, worked on a Maritime Self-Defense Force escort ship.After retiring, after working for Applied Materials Japan Co., Ltd., a semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer, established UBIC (currently FRONTEO) in 2003.We support international litigation measures of global companies with big data analysis technology, and promote the development and practical application of the artificial intelligence engine "KIBIT" that applies the research results of natural language processing and artificial intelligence. Listed on TSE Mothers in 2007 and listed on NASDAQ * in the United States in 2013, expanding its business field from forensic research and international litigation support, which are its founding businesses, to business intelligence and healthcare.Later, we developed our own artificial intelligence "Concept Encoder" (artificial intelligence that quantifies the characteristics of texts using "vectorization of words and documents" in morphological analysis of natural language processing technology) specialized in healthcare industry. (Released in May 2018).Currently, as CEO of the FRONTEO Group, he is leading business development in various fields such as finance, intellectual property, human resources, medical care, and economic security, centered on two AIs, KIBIT and Concept Encoder.
Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Director of NPO Digital Forensics Study Group, Member of Police Policy Association.
* Delisted in February 2020

Director / Chief Operating Officer Tomohiro Uesugi
Director / Chief Operating Officer Tomohiro Uesugi

Director / Chief Operating Officer COOTomohiro UesugiTomohiro Uesugi

Joined Sumitomo Trust and Banking Co., Ltd. in 1993 and engaged in real estate sales and property management. Joined Asahi Audit Corporation in 1999 and engaged in accounting audit and accounting consulting business. After joining Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. in 2003, he has served as Chief of Personnel Planning Division, General Manager of Planning Department including Management of Chinese Subsidiary, and CFO of US Subsidiary. Joined Konami Co., Ltd. in 2012 and served as Senior Vice President and President in charge of the management department of a US sales subsidiary. Joined Y International Co., Ltd. in 2015 and manages the entire company as Executive Vice President and CFO.
Participated in FRONTEO in 2017 and became a director in 2018. As CFO / General Manager of Administration Headquarters, he oversees the corporate divisions of accounting and finance, personnel affairs, legal affairs, general affairs, and information systems.He has overseen the corporate functions of subsidiaries in the United States, South Korea, and Taiwan as well as Japan, and has supported FRONTEO's global business development.In particular, he carried out structural and organizational reforms of the US subsidiary, drastically improved business performance, and led the solution of the internal control problem at the US subsidiary, which was a major management issue.
In 2021, became COO.We aim to accelerate the transition to AI-centered business on a global basis from a company-wide perspective that includes not only the corporate division but also the business division.
Certified accountant (qualified person), real estate appraiser.
* All company names are the company names at the time of joining the company.

Director / Chief Technology Officer Hideki Takeda
Director / Chief Technology Officer Hideki Takeda

Director / Chief Technology Officer CTOHideki TakedaHideki Takeda

In the early days of the Internet in the late 90's, he started his career as a director and engineer of Web systems.Engaged in a wide range of system construction from front end to infrastructure. Since 2002, he has been engaged in the development of data mining technology applying natural language processing (NLP) at multiple venture companies, and has been working on the commercialization of the results. Joined UBIC (currently FRONTEO) in 2009. Leading the research and development of artificial intelligence related technology centered on NLP, developed the artificial intelligence engine "KIBIT".Accumulated achievements in the legal field in the United States, which is the home of litigation, and contributed to the establishment of AI solutions that can be used globally.Based on our experience in the legal field, we have expanded the scope of application of AI to other fields such as business intelligence, and realized commercialization one after another.
In 2013, he became CTO of the Executive Officer, and with the opening of the Institute for Behavioral Information Science in 2014, he became the director of the Institute. In 2016, he became a director.
Aiming to popularize AI-related technology, he is actively working on contributions to magazines, think tanks, and policy proposals at government agencies.

Director / AI Solution Business Management and President's Office Mari Yamamoto
Director / AI Solution Business Management and President's Office Mari Yamamoto

Director / AI Solution Business Management and President's Office ManagerMari YamamotoMari Yamamoto

After joining an advertising agency, he was enrolled in a risk management company.Launched the mental health care business, executed business plans, product development, marketing and sales strategies, and led the company to the top market share in the industry. Appointed as a director in 2014 and listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2017.
Participated in FRONTEO in 2018, became a director in 2020, and is in charge of and directs the president's office and the entire AI solution business.
In the life science AI business, we promoted the development of diagnostic support, disease prediction, and drug discovery support AI systems using the artificial intelligence engine "Concept Encoder", and directed the launch of the world's first medical device using language analysis AI.Take on the challenge of new areas in life science.
In the business intelligence business, we utilize the artificial intelligence engine "KIBIT" to support corporate DX promotion.In the field of economic security as well, we are advocating a change in consciousness together with experts and researchers, and developing intelligence-based solutions for governments, government agencies, and companies.Help companies make strategic decisions with a fact-based approach.
As a top company in the field of natural language analysis, he plans and directs the growth strategy of the AI ​​solution business.

Director / Legal Tech AI Business Management Shigecho Ikegami
Director / Legal Tech AI Business Management Shigecho Ikegami

Director / Legal Tech AI Business ManagementNaritomo IkeueNaritomo Ikeue

After graduating from the Faculty of Science at Chiba University, he joined Applied Materials Japan Co., Ltd., a semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer.
Joined UBIC (currently FRONTEO), which was just established in 2003, and became a director.He oversaw a wide range of sales and planning such as digital forensics business, discovery support business (discovery support in international litigation), and risk consulting business, and greatly contributed to the launch of each business, which is FRONTEO's original business.
Since 2015, as a new business launch, we will work to expand the fields of utilization of the artificial intelligence "KIBIT" developed in-house, and lay the foundation for the current business intelligence field and life science field.At the same time, it acquired a US e-discovery vendor through M & A (currently FRONTEO USA, Inc.) and contributed significantly to accelerating global expansion by expanding its business in the US.
In 2018, he became the global legal tech AI business manager.Controls the Legal Tech AI business.For the labor-intensive legal tech industry, which has long relied solely on human power, we propose an innovative e-discovery service that fully utilizes our unique AI, KIBIT Automator, and focus on expanding our business through the spread of AI.

Outside director

DirectorMakoto FunahashiMakoto Funahashi

DirectorHirooki KirizawaHirooki Kirisawa

DirectorTaeko NagayamaTaeko Nagayama

Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Standing Statutory AuditorKunihiro SudoKunihiro Sudo

Statutory AuditorTakaharu YasumotoTakaharu Yasumoto

Statutory AuditorKei OkuboKei Okubo

Corporate Officer

Executive Officer / General Manager of Asia Business Headquarters Kang Sang Jung
Executive Officer / General Manager of Asia Business Headquarters Kang Sang Jung

Corporate OfficerKang SangwookSangwook Kang

He came to Japan in 1998 after graduating from the Faculty of Social Policy, University of York, England.Joined a telecommunications company and experienced sales and business development.After that, he was involved in sales strategy and global alliance at several global IT-related companies, leading the business. Since 2014, he has participated in the cyber security business, serving as president of a Japanese corporation of a foreign-affiliated company, global control of three major telecommunications companies in Cisco's security business division, and executive officer of Symantec.Oversees global business and realizes rapid business expansion by reducing costs and improving management efficiency.
Joined FRONTEO in October 2019 as the person in charge of Asian business. Appointed executive officer in June 10.
He leads the market creation and business development of our three AI solutions, Legal Tech, Business Solutions and Life Sciences in the Asian region.

Executive Officer / General Manager of Business Intelligence Business Headquarters Osamu Kikuchi
Executive Officer / General Manager of Business Intelligence Business Headquarters Osamu Kikuchi

Executive Officer / General Manager of Business Intelligence Business Headquarters Osamu KikuchiShu Kikuchi

In 1991, at the age of 25, he started his career as a manager at a general audio equipment manufacturer as a sales office manager.Joined Apple Computer (now Apple Japan) in 1995, the dawn of the Internet era.Engaged in account management work for major distributors as a sales manager.Participated in the strategy execution team to change the distribution margin structure in the domestic PC distribution industry, and has held management in iMac sales measures.Engaged in sales management for 24 years in the turbulent IT industry, involved in launching new businesses and organizational reforms.Establish a unique management method and work hard to strengthen the sales organization.As a business manager, he oversees business planning, product planning, product development, marketing, and sales, and has experience leading to double-digit annual growth and business growth with an operating profit margin of 2%.
Participated in FRONTEO in 2020.Efforts have been made to popularize a wide range of solutions that utilize the artificial intelligence engines "KIBIT" and "Concept Encoder", leading the promotion of DX mainly in government offices and the financial and manufacturing industries. Appointed executive officer in 2021.Armed with the achievements he has cultivated as a sales manager, he will take on the challenge of further expanding the area of ​​AI utilization toward the Next Stage.

Executive Officer / General Manager of Life Science AI Business Headquarters Masato Takahashi
Executive Officer / General Manager of Life Science AI Business Headquarters Masato Takahashi

Executive Officer / General Manager of Life Science AI Business HeadquartersMasato TakahashiMasato Takahashi

After joining Astellas Pharma (formerly Fujisawa Pharmaceutical), after working in a sales position (MR), became a product manager at the sales headquarters.Experience new launches and expanded indications of various products from the primary area to the specialty area (organ / bone marrow transplantation, autoimmune diseases, rare diseases, respiratory diseases, allergic diseases, etc.).After that, as a new product planning, he was involved in the evaluation of product marketability and business feasibility, and from 2014, he experienced the formulation of business plans and the design and operation of a dedicated organization as the director of the transplant immunology area. Joined SymBio Pharmaceuticals Limited, a pharmaceutical bio-venture in 2016.He was involved in the launch of the blood cancer business as a marketing head, and later became the general manager of the company's sales and marketing division.In addition to building an in-house sales (pharmaceutical manufacturer / distributor) system specializing in the blood field and building a digital system, he is engaged in licensing business and alliance management.
Participated in FRONTEO in 2019, planning and directing business strategy for medical device development and launch using the world's first language analysis AI. Build a new business model for drug discovery and drug repositioning that utilizes AI technology. Appointed executive officer in 2021. Aiming to become the global leader as a life science company that integrates AI and medical care.

Executive Officer / Director, Institute of Neurolinguistic Science Hiroyoshi Toyoshiba, CTO
Executive Officer / Director, Institute of Neurolinguistic Science Hiroyoshi Toyoshiba, CTO

Executive Officer / Director, Institute of Neurolinguistic Sciences Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematics)Hiroyoshi ToyoshibaHiroyoshi Toyoshiba

Waseda University Graduate School of Science and Engineering Department of Mathematics.Since 2000, during the doctoral course in science (mathematics, obtained a doctorate in 1999), he has been in charge of statistical analysis of medical data at the Medical Information Department of Kyushu University Hospital. Since 2000, he has participated in research on carcinogenic processes by data analysis at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). Since 2004, he has been engaged in statistical analysis of toxicity data, design of epidemiological research, and data analysis research at the National Institute for Environmental Studies. Joined Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited in 2006, and has served as a researcher in the field of bioinformatics, head of the Global Data Science Institute / Japan Site Bioinformatics, and a science fellow.He is also involved in gene expression data analysis and target search in clinical trial data, as well as biomarker search in immunity and cancer.
Engaged in the development of life science AI at FRONTEO since 2017.Developed the AI ​​engine "Concept Encoder" specialized in the field of life science.Taking advantage of the characteristics of text vectorization, we have been developing various AI products based on this artificial intelligence, such as article search, drug discovery support, dementia diagnosis support, and fall prediction. Life Science AI CTO from 2019. In 2021, he became an executive officer. Aim to solve modern medical problems with AI.

Foreign subsidiary
Country manager

CEO, FRONTEO USA, Inc. Tomohiro Uesugi
CEO, FRONTEO USA, Inc. Tomohiro Uesugi

CEO, FRONTEO USA, Inc.Tomohiro UesugiTomohiro Uesugi

Director / Legal Tech AI Business Management Shigecho Ikegami

CEO, FRONTEO Korea, Inc./FRONTEO Taiwan, Inc.Naritomo IkeueNaritomo Ikeue

Advisory board

Koichi Kawabuchi

Professor, Department of Health Economics, Tokyo Medical and Dental UniversityKoichi KawabuchiKoichi Kawabuchi

He graduated from Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Commerce in 1983 and received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Chicago School of Business in 1987.After working at a private hospital and company, worked at the National Institute of Public Health and Hospital Management (now the National Institute of Public Health), Medical Economics Research Department from 1989 to 1998 (Senior Researcher from 95). Retired from the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 98, and concurrently served as a professor at the Faculty of Economics, Nihon Fukushi University, a senior researcher at Nihon Fukushi University, a faculty fellow at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and a visiting researcher at Stanford University. He has been in his current position since April 4.In addition, he is also a visiting professor at Japan-China Friendship Hospital, an emeritus professor at Shenyang Medical School, a visiting professor at Ningxia Medical University, and a special member of the China Health Industry Magazine Special Committee.Recent publications include "Is the visible landscape changing? A pharmacy in 2000 (Yakuji Nippo Co., Ltd., 4)", "The key to the success of a comprehensive community care system (Japan City Center, 2040)", "Visualization" "Introduction to Medical Economics (Medical and Dental Publishing Co., Ltd., 2016)", "Points of the Sixth Medical Law Amendment and Response Strategy 2015 (Japan Medical Planning, 2014)", "People's Insurance Can Still Be Saved (Freedom)" Kobo, 60) ”,“ Is Medical Regeneration Possible (Chikuma Shinsho, 2014) ”,“ Hospital Dignity (Japan Medical Planning, 2011) ”

As social activities, General Incorporated Association Japan Medical and Hospital Management Society Councilor / Director, Japan Clinical Path Society Councilor, General Incorporated Association Replet Fund Business Foundation Chairman, General Incorporated Association Japan Nursing Care Welfare Management Human Resources Education Association Director, Public Interest Incorporated Association Standing Director of Medical and Hospital Management Research Association


Yukio Osawa

Professor, Department of Systems Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of TokyoYukio OsawaYukio Osawa

After obtaining a doctor of engineering from the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo in 1995, he became an assistant professor at the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, an assistant professor at the Graduate School of Business Sciences at Tsukuba University, a specially appointed assistant professor at the Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, the University of Tokyo, and the system creation of the Graduate School of Engineering. After working as an associate professor in the Department of Science, he has been a professor since July 2009.He founded opportunity discovery science and data market design science at the boundary between intelligent informatics and design science, cognitive science, and held international conferences and industry-academia WS. From 7 onwards, he will lead workshops such as Market of Data to success at the IEEE Data Mining International Conference (ICDM) from the perspective of the data market. In addition to 2013 editorial books including Chance Discovery (Springer, 2003), Innovators' Marketplace (Springer 2017), Data Market (Modern Science Co., Ltd. 2017), more than 24 journal articles, about 100 international conference treatises, in both industry and academia. Many invited lectures.

In addition, former director of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (2017-18).Received the Achievement Award of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (2017).

Recent work
"Technology for Discovering Business Opportunities (Iwanami Shoten, 2004)"
"Data Analysis of Opportunity Discovery (Tokyo Denki University Press, 2006)"
"Innovation Idea Technology: Business Opportunities Opened by Games (Nikkei Publishing, 2013)"
"Data Market: Innovation Games that Make Use of Data (Modern Science, 2017)"

Toshiyuki Ito

Strategic AdvisorToshiyuki ItoToshiyuki Ito

Graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Defense Academy, and completed the master's program (area studies) at the University of Tsukuba.Became a submarine rider in the Maritime Self-Defense Force.Captain Hayashio, Defense Attaché of the Japanese Embassy in the United States, Commander of the 2nd Submarine, Chief of the Public Relations Office of the Maritime Staff Office, Chief of the Information Division, Information Officer of the Defense Intelligence Headquarters, Chief of the Command and Communication Information Department of the Maritime Staff Office, Maritime Self-Defense Force After working as the second art school chief, the integrated staff school chief, and the Maritime Self-Defense Force Kure district general manager, he has been a professor at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology Graduate School (Toranomon Campus) since 2 (Department of Innovation Management, Graduate School of Innovation Management).

Specialty: Leadership theory, organization theory, security theory, media theory, international relations theory, crisis management
Treatises / Books:
Dissertation: Russian Foreign Policy (Analysis from Cultural Anthropological Aspects)
・ Book: "Leadership can be acquired by anyone" (AlphaPolis 2018)
・ Supervision: "Defense Simulation! Self-Defense Forces vs Unified Korea" (Takarajimasha 2020)
・ Many contributions to Sankei Shimbun Seiron column authors and other newspapers and magazines
Awards: Received "The Legion of Merit" from the US Defense Attaché for his work as a Defense Attaché, and "The Legion of Merit" from the US Defense Secretary for his work as Chief of the Sea
Other specialized information: He is a director of the Japan Society for Security and Crisis Management, a permanent member of the National Defense Association, and a director of the Japan Leadership Association.

Katsuya Tamai

Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of TokyoKatsuya TamaiKatsuya Tamai

Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo in 1983.In April of the same year, he was an assistant at the Faculty of Law, the University of Tokyo.After that, he became a lecturer at the Faculty of Law at Gakushuin University and an assistant professor at the same time. In October 4, he was transferred to the university and became an assistant professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology), the University of Tokyo. In May 1990, he became the professor (Intellectual Property Law) at the age of 4, and continues to this day.In addition to legal research on intellectual property law, he has published numerous research papers on legislative policy, industry-academia collaboration, and technology transfer.It is a pioneer in Japan regarding trade secrets, and its research theme is the "sovereign immunity" principle in the United States. In 1995, the Institute for Advanced Science and Technology launched the "Economic Security Research Program" to study economic security policies of major countries, legislation related to advanced technology management, and risk countermeasures. 10-1997 Keio University Special Invited Professor. Registered as a lawyer in 5 (belonging to the Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association). Since April 36, he has also served as a professor at the Faculty of Economics and Law, Shinshu University.

Satoru Tezuka

Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio UniversitySatoru TezukaSatoru Tezuka

Graduated from the Department of Mathematical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Keio University in 1984.Joined Hitachi, Ltd. in the same year, professor at the Faculty of Computer Science, Tokyo University of Technology from 2009, specially appointed professor at the Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University from 2016, professor at the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University from September 2019. To reach.

Received the 2020 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "Information and Communication Month" Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award, 2013 Information Security Culture Award, 2008 Information Processing Society of Japan Paper Award, IEEE-IIHMSP2006 Best Paper Award, 2004 Information Processing Society of Japan Paper Award.

Member of the Data Strategy Task Force of the Digital Government Ministerial Conference, Chief of the Working Team on Trusts established under the Data Strategy Task Force, Member of the Personal Information Protection Committee, Chairman of the Study Group on Trust Services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, SIP of the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation Sub-program director in charge of ensuring cyber security in critical infrastructure, member of the critical infrastructure expert study group of the Cyber ​​Security Strategy Headquarters, chair of the study group on smartphone installation of My Number card function of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, temporary member of the Electronic Administration Task Force of the IT Strategy Headquarters, Information Linkage Infrastructure Technology Working Group Member, Basic Resident Register System Investigation Committee Member, Electronic Signature Law and Legal Standards Examination Working Group Chair, Cryptocurrency Technology Evaluation Committee (CRYPTREC) Member, Cryptocurrency Technology Utilization Committee (CRYPTREC) Committee members, etc.

Representative of Digital Trust Council, Representative of Trust Service Promotion Forum, Representative of Japan Trust Technology Council, Chairman of Japan Security Audit Association, Chairman of 5th Generation Mobile Promotion Forum Security Research and Research Committee, Chairman of Information Network Law Society, Japan Security Management Executive Director of the Society, Director of the Digital Forensic Study Group, Expert Member of the Computer Security Study Group of the Information Processing Society, Member of the Japan-Germany Symposium Program, etc.

His books include "Q & A My Number Security Measures" Seibunsha, "Electronic Signature / Authentication Service Spreading with My Number" Nikkei BP, "Corporate Code that Strengthens Japan Another My Number" Corporate Number "" Nikkei BP , "Basics of Information Security" Kyoritsu Publishing, etc.

Masao Torii

Masao ToriiMasao Torii

Born in Yokohama. After enrolling in the German language department of the Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia University in 1966, transferred to the Faculty of Business Administration of Loyola College, Maryland, USA in 1969, and graduated in 1971.Joined Nippon Roche in the same year. He has been responsible for corporate planning, sales and marketing for 1983 years, including being seconded to F Hoffmann La Roche in the United States and Switzerland from 1987 to 21.
After that, he served as the top of four Japanese corporations of major foreign-affiliated pharmaceutical companies for 28 years.We practice challenging steering in a global organization to build and maintain a strong relationship of trust with overseas headquarters and at the same time provide maximum value to Japanese customers. In 4, he became president of the Japanese subsidiary of Rhone Poulenc Roller (France). 1993 President of Schering-Plough (USA) Japan.Acquired and integrated the Japanese subsidiary of Organon (Netherlands) during the term of office. In 1995, he concurrently served as President of Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany) Japan, and later President of SSP Co. Ltd., a commercial pharmaceutical manufacturer that was acquired and integrated. President of Novartis Holding Japan in 2010, Chairman of Novartis Pharma Co., Ltd. in 10, retired in August 2016.
President of Sophia University Alumni Association since 2020.

Book: "Boss serve his subordinates!"Leadership Theory of the New Era" (Magazine House, 2009), "Ibaru Boss Will End" (President, 2016)

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