The Group has drawn up a strategy to maximize the potential of the artificial intelligence "KIBIT" that learns the subtleties of human beings and expand it into four fields as utilization areas to contribute to society. We are here.Specifically, in addition to the legal tech business, which is the starting point, in the two fields of the AI ​​solution business (business intelligence and healthcare), "a society where artificial intelligence understands humans and supports them in the immediate vicinity" We aim for early realization.We will work to strengthen the following items in order to continue expanding and growing in each business field.

Legal Tech AI Business

The e-discovery market is expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 15%, and there are more than 1,000 companies in the United States.In such an environment, as a discovery vendor originating in Asia, in addition to know-how based on abundant support results, the Group has the strengths of its uniquely developed e-discovery support system "Lit i View", such as Asian language support and artificial intelligence technology. Armed with the efficiency of "Predictive Coding" and the ability to provide one-stop support for the entire process, we will work to expand our business in the e-discovery market by accelerating cross-border sales globally.

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AI solution business

Business intelligence

Efforts to utilize AI to improve business efficiency of companies are reported daily in newspapers and are attracting a great deal of attention.Under these circumstances, our original artificial intelligence engine KIBIT has a track record of introducing it to a wide range of industries, high mobility by moving with a small amount of teacher data, and full support from business analysis to operational support for introduction. With its strength in consulting ability, it is widely recognized as one of the few artificial intelligences that have been put into practical use in Japan.In particular, financial institutions have coined the term RegTech (Regulation Technology) after FinTech, and there is a strong need to improve the accuracy of operations as soon as possible by utilizing AI in order to tighten regulations, so KIBIT's sales system will also be expanded in the future. We will concentrate on the RegTech area.While expectations for AI are increasing, there are many cases in which user companies have problems such as lack of understanding of the characteristics of AI and lack of in-house data analysis personnel. Therefore, in the future, user companies will have problems. In addition to providing training courses for the purpose of developing human resources who utilize AI, we will strive to reduce the hurdles for introduction and promote market development by further enhancing the support system from the introduction to operation of AI. I will continue.

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In the field of healthcare, while the number of patients is increasing due to the aging society, the labor shortage of medical / long-term care workers is being called for, and it is essential to continuously improve the efficiency of operations at medical / long-term care sites. , The potential market for AI is expected to be very large.In addition, KIBIT, which has been cultivated in a legal business that is strict in terms of speed, quality of analysis, and confidentiality, has a high affinity with information management and analysis needs in the medical field, and is expected to contribute to improving the quality of medical care and long-term care. Therefore, we will position healthcare as a pillar of medium- to long-term growth and promote aggressive investment.The healthcare field requires processes such as joint development with medical institutions, demonstration experiments, and clinical trials, and it takes more time to monetize than other fields, but some of them are engaged in the medical care field. In some cases, short-term profits can be achieved by applying the know-how cultivated through business intelligence, such as staff retirement prevention systems and MR efficiency, so in the future, we will enhance the short-, medium-, and long-term pipelines. We will focus on it.

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