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[Webinar held on 1/20] Trends in AI, privacy and data protection laws in the EU, US and China

[Online seminar co-sponsored by Covington & Burling LLP / FRONTEO]

In this webinar, three lawyers based in the United States, China, and Europe will discuss the current status and future of the regulatory framework applicable to artificial intelligence (AI) systems, and their impact on Japanese companies developing and deploying AI systems. I will explain about.
First, I will explain the definition of AI shown in the regulatory framework for AI deployed around the world, and then the existing laws, especially the privacy and data protection laws of the United States, China, and Europe, will be applied to the AI ​​system. Consider how it applies.Next, we will focus on the expected AI regulatory frameworks in these regions and how these regulatory frameworks will affect Japanese companies seeking to develop and deploy AI systems in these markets. I will guess.Finally, I would like to explain the important practical points of Japanese companies in this field.
Starting with this seminar, Covington's lawyers will also post video content on FLLP explaining topics on AI, privacy, and other related technical regulations.


【Webinar Summary】

◆ Title: Trends in AI, privacy and data protection laws in the EU, US and China
◆ Date: January 2022, 1 (Thursday) 20:9 – 30:10 AM (JST)
◆ Fee: Free webinar
◆ Webinar type: Zoom Webinar
◆ Language:English
◆ Moderator: Shiho Tanaka, VP, Sales & Marketing Division (FRONTEO USA)

◆ Speaker:
Lindsey L. Tonsager, Partner (Covington Burling)
Lindsey Tonsager helps clients in diverse industries around the world anticipate and effectively assess legal and reputational risks under federal and state data privacy and communications laws. Attorney Tonsager co-chairs the Global Privacy and Cybersecurity Practices Group at Covington & Burling's office and previously co-chaired the Artificial Intelligence Initiative.
He has also experienced informal investigations and enforcement actions, as well as supporting strategic collaboration with clients in the US Federal Trade Commission, the US Parliament, the California Privacy Authority, and other federal and state regulators. doing.
Sam Jungyun Choi, Associate (Covington Burling)
Attorney Sam Jungyun Choi is an Associate in the Technology Regulatory Group in the London office.He is primarily responsible for new policies and legislation related to innovative technologies such as European data protection laws, artificial intelligence, online platforms, digital health products and autonomous vehicles.It also deals with issues related to child privacy and online safety policy initiatives.
Choi advises leading technology, software and life sciences companies on a wide range of data protection and cybersecurity issues.He has also advised global companies on compliance with European data protection laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), UK Data Protection Law, e-Privacy Directives and relevant EU and global legislation.He is also familiar with various European policy developments, including providing strategic advice on EU and national initiatives related to artificial intelligence, data sharing, digital health and online platforms.
Zhijing Yu, Associate (Covington Burling)
Zhijing Yu is an associate at Covington Burling Law Office's Beijing office.Our main business is to advise major multinationals and Chinese companies on complex issues related to data privacy, cyber security, international trade, corporate transactions and more.To date, he has represented leading companies in a variety of industries, including consumer goods, banking and financial services, entertainment, healthcare, internet services and pharmaceuticals.
◆ About the Law Firm:

Covington Burling LLP was founded in Washington, DC in 1919 and currently has 13 offices worldwide.With over 1,200 internationally renowned and professional lawyers, our responsiveness to provide outstanding legal services and strategic advice is highly regarded.With over 100 senior government officials, he is not only familiar with the fields of corporate law, litigation and investigation, but also his deep insight into policy and policy makers and the quality of comprehensive regulatory advisory services. The height has a good reputation all over the world.
It has been selected as one of the "100 Global Elites Selected by GCR" many times in the past from the Global Competition Review, and has been selected as one of the world's top 2015 antitrust laws every year from 19 to 20.In addition to being repeatedly named on the "A List" by American Lawyers, he has been ranked in the Top 25 in the US in the General Counseling category of Americas Best Corporate Law Firm by Corporate Board Members.
We have been clienting many Japanese companies, trade organizations, and government agencies, and through the Japan Department, we are working to further deepen our relationship with Japan and respond to more accurate needs.


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