FRONTEO Inc. and its group companies (hereinafter referred to as FRONTEO Group) have established the "FRONTEO Group Social Media Policy" for the operation of official social media accounts and the participation of FRONTEO Group employees in social media.

The "FRONTEO Group Social Media Policy" covers all cases in which FRONTEO Group employees participate in activities on social media and refer to the FRONTEO Group's brand and business activities, even if they are individuals.

Understand the characteristics of social media and adhere to laws and regulations

When using social media, it is a place of communication based on personal connections, it is a medium that can be used by an unspecified number of people, it is widely open to the world, and it is transmitted once. We understand that the information we provide cannot be completely undone, and we will disseminate and communicate with the information after complying with laws and regulations and internal regulations such as employment rules, personal information protection policies, and information security policies that the FRONTEO Group has set independently. ..

Protect and enhance the FRONTEO Group brand

The statements and actions of each employee form the FRONTEO Group brand.On the other hand, references to confidential information in business, statements contrary to the official views and interests of the FRONTEO Group may have a significant impact on the parties themselves and the FRONTEO Group.Recognizing this, each social media user will contribute to fostering a sense of trust, familiarity, and favor with the FRONTEO Group company and brand.

I will never forget consideration as a global company

Social media is an environment that instantly connects the world across borders, cultures and races.What is correct in one country can be inappropriate or illegal in another.So keep in mind that your own comments can have a global impact.

Respond to customer feedback with the FRONTEO Group

If you find a post that you think is important about the FRONTEO Group's brand or corporate reputation, share it with your social media representative in the Corporate Communications Department.In particular, if you see a negative or slanderous post, do not develop any counterarguments or discussions at your own discretion, and cooperate with the person in charge of the relevant department to respond as the FRONTEO Group.

Basic manners

  • We will act sensiblely without pretending to be our identity, and will conduct sincere and honest information dissemination and dialogue.
  • Pay attention to the content of the information to be transmitted and the method of transmission, and try not to disseminate incorrect information or mislead customers.
  • If you make an incorrect information or misleading expression, we will correct it promptly in good faith.
  • We will comply with the regulations of each social media established and operated by a third party, and respect the culture and manners of each social media.
  • We will comply with relevant laws and regulations, respect the intellectual property rights and privacy rights of third parties, and thoroughly prevent damage to honor and leakage of personal information.

The official accounts on social media and the information provided by FRONTEO Group employees do not necessarily represent the official announcements or views of the FRONTEO Group.Official announcements and opinions are announced on the FRONTEO Group website and press releases.Please note.

Enacted October 2016, 2