Forensic research business

Forensics is a term used in criminal investigations to mean "scientific appraisal."This is a business that investigates fraudulent activities from various digital devices such as personal computers and servers in response to incidents such as information leaks and fraudulent accounting that have been occurring in Japan in recent years.

FRONTEO's achievements and know-how

Retrieving electronic data from a device involves very complex steps.A malicious user may have deleted important data or intentionally erased traces.

With more than 10 years of experience in digital forensics research, FRONTEO has the know-how to search for evidence traces from subtle clues even in difficult situations.A consultant with abundant experience will conduct a survey design to clarify the whole picture such as the cause of the incident, the method, the identification of the participants, the identification of the motive, etc., and fully understand the importance of accountability in the company. We support the formulation of recurrence prevention measures.

We also introduce and train digital forensic tools for law enforcement agencies such as police agencies.

Lab dedicated to advanced information analysis

FRONTEO's dedicated forensics lab "FOC (Forensics Operation Center)" is the center of digital forensics research.


Forensic tools from Japan

Most of the conventional digital forensic tools are overseas products, and the support for double-byte characters peculiar to Asian languages ​​is incomplete, so it cannot be said that it is sufficient for digital forensics in Japan. It was.In view of this situation, Lit i View XAMINER is a forensic tool originally developed from Japan based on the opinions and requests from investigative agencies and the knowledge and know-how accumulated through FRONTEO's abundant forensic research experience.・ I View Examiner).

Central Linkage ~ Understanding person correlation

The automatic correlation diagram creation function "Central Linkage" realizes communication analysis for each person and organization based on the information in the email.It is also possible to easily grasp the important person in the correlation diagram, who is the central person who is transmitting the information.

The behavior analysis function (Behavior Extractor) breaks down sentences to the part-speech level of the language and analyzes what kind of words are used in what combination among the survey subjects.

The relationship between sending and receiving emails between domains is displayed in a correlation diagram, and you can see at a glance what kind of organizational emails are being exchanged.All email transmission / reception status is displayed in chronological order, and you can comprehensively understand when, with which company (domain), and how much email is being exchanged.

Linking with Predictive Coding-Identifying important persons in the case

By linking Central Linkage and Predictive Coding based on artificial intelligence application technology, email senders and receivers with high scores can be identified.It is possible to diagram the person who is interacting with the target person, analyze and narrow down the human relationships in fraud investigation, etc., and realize an efficient and comprehensive search of evidence.

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