Recruitment FAQ

About the company and working environment

What is the ratio of men to women?
The ratio of men and women is XNUMX: XNUMX.
In addition, at our company, there is no difference in the scope of work and responsibilities depending on gender.
Please tell me the average age.
I am 37.2 years old. * As of the end of January 2018
Is nationality relevant when applying?
At our company, which is expanding globally, nationality does not matter at all.Of course, foreign nationals are still enrolled and active.
Is there a system to support childbirth and childcare?
We have a complete prenatal and postnatal leave system as required by law, and some female employees continue to work after giving birth.
Where do you work?
The basic place of work is the Shinagawa head office in Tokyo.However, there is a possibility that you will be transferred to each base depending on your career steps after joining the company.
Is there a trial period?
We have a trial period of 3 months from the date of joining the company.
Please tell me about the handling of personal information.
Please note that we will not be able to return the application documents (personal information such as resumes and resumes of work) that we keep when applying.
Please refer to the website for the handling of personal information.
Click here for handling of personal information
What is the average length of service?
The average length of service is 3.0 years.In recent years, we have been actively hiring new human resources, and the ratio of new human resources to employees is increasing, so the average length of service tends to be low.

About new graduate recruitment

Please tell me about the entry method and the selection schedule until the offer.
Entries are accepted from Rikunabi or Mynavi.After that, you will be asked to participate in the briefing session, and aptitude tests and interviews will be conducted multiple times, and you will be offered an offer.
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Do you accept OB / OG visits?
We do not accept OB / OG visits.In addition, we cannot answer inquiries regarding employee contact information based on the Personal Information Protection Law, but if you have any questions or questions regarding recruitment, please contact us using the inquiry form.
Click here for recruitment inquiries
How much language do you need?
We are doing business in the global field, so English ability is an important skill in doing our job.
There are no clear numbers in the recruitment criteria, but you will need to make efforts to improve your English skills after joining the company.
How do you assign after joining the company?
Those who join the company as professionals will be assigned to the relevant department.
Those who join the company in a general position comprehensively judge their individual abilities and aptitudes and decide the department to be assigned.
How do you conduct training after joining the company?
After joining the company, we provide basic business etiquette, PC skills, and training to deepen understanding of FRONTEO's business, and then conduct OJT training in the assigned department.We also offer online training for each phase.
I have already graduated, can I apply?
If you have already graduated, please apply from mid-career recruitment to your desired occupation.

About mid-career recruitment

Please tell me about the application method and selection schedule.
Please select your desired job from the list of job offers and apply from the application form.
The selection schedule varies depending on the type of job, so please check each application guideline.
Click here for the types of jobs currently being recruited
Can I apply for multiple occupations at the same time?
Please refrain from applying concurrently as the selection will be made by job type.
However, during the selection process, we may select multiple occupations depending on your experience and skills.
Is it possible to apply from overseas?
You can also apply from overseas, so please apply.
For those who live far away, such as overseas, we also support interviews using the video conferencing system.
I have applied in the past, can I reapply?
If more than a year has passed since you applied in the past, you can apply again.
Since I am in office, is it possible to have an interview after working hours or on Saturdays and Sundays?
We will consider the selection schedule and time as much as possible and make adjustments.
How do you conduct training after joining the company?
After joining the company, we carry out OJT training in the assigned department.
In addition, we also provide rank-based training and online training.
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