Research and development of big data analysis technology and artificial intelligence

Behavioral Information Science Institute

The Institute of Behavioral Information Science conducts research and development of big data analysis technology and artificial intelligence based on behavioral informatics science.We promote research and software development such as natural language processing, machine learning, and data mining, and feed back the user experience obtained from the operation of the service to research and development.We are accelerating the R & D cycle while actually working on society.
The artificial intelligence technology developed here is installed in our Legal Tech AI product group, and contributes to the realization of a safe and secure society.


Natural language processing, machine learning

Structure unstructured data.Performs processing that goes into the hierarchy of semantics, pragmatics, and stylistics according to the characteristics of the language and the purpose of analysis.

Data Mining

Extract or organize valuable information from structured data

Performance optimization

Optimize performance by making full use of file structure / algorithm improvement, parallel processing, etc.

Knowledge base

Build a knowledge base with various attribute information

Behavioral science modeling

Analyze the structure to be analyzed using behavioral science and build a structural model

User experience

Design the experience that users get when they use the application

Software Development

Develops Lit i View series, artificial intelligence (KIBIT) engine

Cloud infrastructure

Build, maintain, and monitor Intelligence Cloud around the world

Technical support

24/7 technical support for clients, business partners and internal operations departments around the world

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