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QWhen was the company founded?
AIt is August 15, 2003.
QPlease tell us the origin of the company name FRONTEO, the meaning of the logo, and the corporate philosophy.
AOur Philosophy has more details.
QPlease tell me when and why you changed the company name.

As of July 2016, 7, the company name was changed from UBIC Co., Ltd. to FRONTEO Inc.

Immediately after its establishment, the Company has been developing its business centered on the e-discovery business as "UBIC Co., Ltd.", but in the fiscal year ended March 28, 3, it was 2 In addition to the acquisition of the company, (XNUMX) commercialization in growth areas utilizing original technology cultivated through litigation support, (XNUMX) humanoid robot Kibiro equipped with artificial intelligence engine "KIBIT" We have made major changes such as development.
This change in trade name clearly points out the intention of a company with the value of creating the "future of people and society," and the group as a whole will promote the improvement and transformation of brand value on a global basis. It is something to do.

QPlease tell us your future management strategy and vision.

CEO message has more details.

QPlease tell us about the background of the president.

ExecutivesPlease refer to the biography from.

QPlease tell us about your business.

We are developing the following businesses by applying data analysis utilizing our proprietary artificial intelligence engine "KIBIT" and "Concept Encoder".

  • 1.Legal Tech AI Business: e-discovery (electronic discovery) and fraud investigation support utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and digital forensics technology
  • 2.Business Intelligence Business: Artificial intelligence (AI) -based solutions that support management decisions that lead to improved business productivity and business success
  • 3.Life Science AI Business: Cross-sectional analysis of various structured and unstructured data existing in the medical / nursing field, and research and development of artificial intelligence (AI) for that purpose.

The detail is Solutions has more details.

QPlease tell me the number of employees.

There are 387 people (as of March 2019, 3).

QPlease tell us the history.

History has more details.

QPlease tell us about the group companies.

The main domestic and overseas subsidiaries are as follows.
FRONTEO USA, Inc. (New York, USA)
FRONTEO Korea, Inc. (Seoul, South Korea)
FRONTEO Taiwan, Inc (Taipei, Taiwan)
PCFFRONTEO Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo)

The detail is Domestic / overseas bases has more details.

QPlease tell us about FRONTEO's superiority in the legal tech AI business compared to other companies in the same industry in the areas of international litigation and forensics.

The following six features of FRONTEO.

  • 1.We have our own developed natural language processing artificial intelligence technology "KIBIT", and we have development teams and research institutes that continuously work on improving accuracy and efficiency.
  • 2.By utilizing the AI ​​review product "KIBIT Automator", it is possible to provide document reviews that have relied on human wave tactics at a speed several times faster than before, and the time and cost to disclose evidence have been greatly reduced.
  • 3.We provide a one-stop service that utilizes technology and know-how, and even customers with little discovery experience can perform everything from data collection preparation to post-event AI compliance solutions.
  • 4.We have a cloud system dedicated to in-house discovery in Japan together with backup equipment (DR) to ensure data security.
  • 5.We can handle everything from data preservation to analysis and submission format creation work in Japan.At the same time, we have operation bases in Asia and both east and west banks of the United States, and can support local branches, subsidiaries, and law firms of global companies locally.
  • 6.We have equipment that can perform high-precision analysis using AI not only for English but also for Asian languages, and a data scientist who is in charge of analysis.

The detail is Legal Tech AI Page has more details.

QWhat kind of artificial intelligence is KIBIT?

By learning tacit knowledge from a small amount of teacher data given by the user, information that matches the user's intention is extracted from the large amount of data.

By learning tacit knowledge, we have made it possible to learn and reproduce the mechanism by which humans make decisions, using our proprietary machine learning algorithm "Landscaping."

The detail is Artificial intelligence "KIBIT" has more details.


QPlease tell me the supported languages ​​of KIBIT.

It is possible to analyze Japanese, Chinese, and Korean as well as English.

The detail is Artificial intelligence "KIBIT" has more details.


QPlease tell me about the patent of the technology related to KIBIT.

We place great importance on protecting intangible property as "intellectual property rights" (patent rights and trademark rights), such as brands that display uniqueness as well as technologies developed in-house.As a globally expanding technology company, we are actively promoting patent applications and acquisition of rights around the world.

R & D report has more details.

QWhere is your R & D base?

Research and development is carried out at the FRONTEO headquarters in Japan.

QWhat is the status of corporate governance?

Corporate governance has more details.

QPlease tell us about your approach to social responsibility.

We regard CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as an indispensable initiative for the sustainable growth of a company, and have been promoting the establishment of a corporate governance system and the strengthening of a compliance system.

QHow are you dealing with compliance issues?

Our goal is to build a fair workplace and sound business relationships, contribute to the development of society through work, and enrich society.We have established a compliance manual as a basic principle for carrying out our business, and we are working to comply with and strengthen compliance by establishing an external compliance reporting window.

QPlease tell us about the information management system.

Information Security Policy has more details.

QPlease tell us about the policy of recruiting, training and utilizing human resources.

Recruit has more details.

Financial results and financial information

QWhen will the financial results be announced?

Our fiscal year ends at the end of March every year.As soon as the financial results announcement date is confirmedIR CalendarWe will inform you at.

QPlease tell us the financial results information and business outlook for the latest fiscal year.

The latest financial information isReport of financial resultsplease look at.The latest materials can be downloaded in bulk from the IR top page, and are also available in the IR materials room.

QPlease tell us about business performance trends and sales results.

Performance trends and sales resultsPerformance / FinanceIt is open to the public at.

QWhere can I find the securities report?

The securities report isIR Library "Securities Report"It is open to the public at.

About stocks

QPlease tell me the listed exchange of FRONTEO stock.

Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market.

QWhen was it listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

It is June 2007, 19 (Heisei 6).

QPlease tell me the securities code and the number of trading unit shares.

The securities code is 2158.

The number of trading unit shares is 100 shares.

QPlease tell us about the shareholder composition.

Securities ReportPlease refer to "Status of submitting company" in.

QWhen is the general meeting of shareholders?

It is held every June.As soon as it is confirmedIR CalendarWe will inform you at.

QWhen is the shareholder settlement date for dividend payment?

March 3st of each fiscal year is the fixed date for shareholders.

QPlease tell us about your dividend policy.

Dividend policy and dividend statusWe will inform you at.

QIs there a shareholder benefit program?

Not provided in particular.

QPlease tell me how to make a public notice.

It will be an electronic public notice.However, if it is not possible to make an electronic public notice due to an accident or other unavoidable reason, it may be published in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

QWhat are the recent stock price trends?

TSE GrowthhereYou can check from.

QPlease tell me about stock affairs.

Information on stock procedures has more details.

Other inquiries

For inquiries other than the above, please contact us from here.


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