Neuro Linguistic Science Institute

It is said that language is not only a means of communication, but also influences human cognition and cognition, and sometimes defines cognition itself.

In recent years, research on the relationship between language and humans has progressed, and it has become clear that natural language reflects various human situations and social behaviors.In the life science field, the relationship between language and brain function and central nervous system diseases is drawing attention.

As an example of the deep relationship between language use and the brain, a research project known as the "Nun Study" is based on the analysis of diary texts written by the research subject when he was in his twenties. It is known that linguistic characteristics can predict the onset of Alzheimer's disease in the 20s. *

The Neuro-Language Science Institute focuses on the various possibilities of these languages, and aims to improve human life, social activities, businesses, and academic research through a language-based approach that utilizes AI technology. Work on research.Furthermore, through the results of such research, we aim to contribute to AI medical device development and drug discovery support in the life science field, business activity support in the business intelligence field, and response to social issues such as suicide and abuse prevention.


* Kemper S., Greiner LH, Marquis JG, et al .: Language decline across the life span findings from the Nun Study, Psychology and Aging, 16 (2), p.227-239, 2001.