Identify Risks and Opportunities

We use cutting-edge technology that utilizes the expert knowledge, experience and judgment we have cultivated to provide optimal solutions that ensure that risks and opportunities hidden in records are not overlooked. This value is brought about by the realization of a fair world in which people can find the information they need and appropriate in fields such as law, medicine, finance, intellectual property, education and human resources.

Corporate brand


Front (English) Cutting edge + eo (La) Go forward
Abbreviation of Frontier Technology Organization (abbreviation)
Meaning of “progressive and cutting-edge value creation group”

logo mark

Diverse radial axes show the expansion and potential of companies and businesses centered on artificial intelligence (AI)
It has both centripetal force and centrifugal force, symbolizing diversity and strong power.
A visual language that symbolizes Bright (it is both a semantic appeal and a sensory appeal)
Yellow is placed on the inward extension of the axis with shades of blue, and unique color modeling that utilizes the visual effect (optical illusion) of brilliance.

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FRONTEO Drug Discovery AI Factory

KIBIT Concept Movie

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FRONTEO's AI social implementation thesis

Specialized AI "KIBIT" supports the advanced judgment of experts working to solve social issues

Diseases, lawsuits, fraud, compliance...Even in today's developed and convenient society, there are endless issues to solve.

FRONTEO's AI "KIBIT" is a "specialized AI" that makes discoveries from vast amounts of data and supports experts. KIBIT provides completely new perspectives and insights to experts who work day and night to solve problems.

Why support experts?

Society faces a myriad of challenges, including litigation, fraud, disease, compliance, etc. Innovation to solve these problems requires the help of highly trained experts in their fields, such as lawyers, investigators, auditors, drug discovery researchers, and doctors.

How to approach

In an information society where the value of information is increasing, the most suitable method for experts to search for unknown solutions is an approach based on data analysis. If AI could act as an expert's right hand and find useful hints for solving problems from the overflowing information, innovation would be greatly accelerated.

By what means will this be achieved? --The output of "mapping" is better than the answer itself.

FRONTEO's specialized AI "KIBIT" is an in-house developed AI with strengths in natural language processing and network analysis. It specializes in discovering optimal information from vast amounts of data and supporting expert judgment and verification.

Hypotheses from academic data, evidence of fraud, supply chain risks, etc., which are usually found with an extremely low probability and can only be found by chance serendipity. KIBIT finds the information that experts and companies truly need from documents, conversations, and academic text, and visualizes it in a map. Both the AI ​​engine, which excels in "guiding discoveries," and the know-how for "mapping," are supported by proprietary patented technologies.

--KIBIT's algorithm is simple, unlike deep learning, and excels at reproducing the excellent judgment and tacit knowledge of experts and leading to discoveries. By having specialists with domain knowledge tune the AI ​​model to suit each field, the power of AI is maximized.

--Also, by outputting a "map" rather than the answer itself, it helps the experts' own thinking and judgment, and encourages further ideas. The highly difficult issues that experts tackle require the experts' own verification and judgment, and the method of entrusting the judgment to AI to provide the answer is not familiar. By deliberately "mapping" the information in the form of plot maps or highlights and communicating them to experts, they can see the interactions and relationships between the information, which can provide ideas for hypotheses.

AI only has value if society and businesses can fully benefit from it. KIBIT has been introduced in government agencies and major financial institutions, and FRONTEO has been accompanying its operation. FRONTEO will further expand the social implementation of AI and contribute to solving social issues by supporting the advanced judgment of experts.