Identify Risks and Opportunities

By utilizing the state-of-the-art technology that we have cultivated by utilizing the knowledge, experience and judgment of experts, we provide the optimum solution to not miss the risks and opportunities buried in the record, so that legal, medical, financial, etc. It is the value brought about by the realization of a fair world where you can find necessary and appropriate information in fields such as intellectual property, education, and human resources.

Corporate brand


Front (English) Cutting edge + eo (La) Go forward
Abbreviation of Frontier Technology Organization (abbreviation)
Meaning of “progressive and cutting-edge value creation group”

logo mark

Diverse radial axes show the expansion and potential of companies and businesses centered on artificial intelligence (AI)
It has both centripetal force and centrifugal force, symbolizing diversity and strong power.
A visual language that symbolizes Bright (it is both a semantic appeal and a sensory appeal)
Yellow is placed on the inward extension of the axis with shades of blue, and unique color modeling that utilizes the visual effect (optical illusion) of brilliance.

Corporate video list

FRONTEO company information

FRONTEO Drug Discovery AI Factory

KIBIT Concept Movie

believe in the possibilities of words

FRONTEO's AI social implementation thesis