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"A company that continues to take on challenges" That is FRONTEO.

The reason for the establishment of UBIC (former company name) ~ For Asian companies to fight in the world

The reason why I launched UBIC (former company name), the predecessor of the current FRONTEO, is that it is extremely disadvantageous for Japanese and other Asian companies to compete globally, especially in the US litigation society. This is because of the sense of mission that we must somehow solve the current situation.

At the time of our founding, we often did not know how to proceed even if we said that we would support litigation measures, and we did not have the knowledge or experience to start and run a company, but anyway, we wanted to solve this problem. Established.

At the time of establishment, I was the only one to set sail, but my friends gradually increased, and after 3 years and 10 months, I was listed on the TSE Mothers, and after 9 years and 10 months, I was listed on the US Nasdaq market (delisted in February 2020). ).

FRONTEO's present (now) ~ Expansion period

What kind of company is FRONTEO?If you are asked, you can say that it is a company that continues to take on challenges.

FRONTEO has grown into a company with many colleagues globally, but growth has not stopped yet. The technology that we have developed with the desire to "protect Japanese and other Asian companies" is unique in the world as a result of pursuing the technology in a harsh environment where failure is not allowed, such as international litigation support and fraud investigation. We have created an artificial intelligence engine "KIBIT" with a unique approach.

It turns out that this artificial intelligence can be applied to new business areas beyond the framework of our existing business, and in 2014 we will utilize KIBIT to develop new businesses such as healthcare, digital communication, and business intelligence. Is starting.

From UBIC to FRONTEO ~ Evolve into a company with advancedness and future potential

It can be said that the current stage is the "expansion growth period" that utilizes KIBIT.From here, in order to truly "create the future for people and society," we have evolved the corporate brand into "FRONTEO," which incorporates the significance of innovation and corporate existence, and under the new corporate philosophy and action guidelines, the future. We decided to practice our corporate activities toward.

Born and nurtured in the shell of the legal field called UBIC, KIBIT is now trying to greatly expand its capabilities and possibilities beyond the boundaries of business fields under the new brand FRONTEO.

The future of FRONTEO  ~ Creating a valuable future

Our goal.It is to become a company that creates a better future by utilizing KIBIT's advanced analysis technology. KIBIT can learn human tacit knowledge (experience and sensation) and predict the future from the same sensation as human beings.

I believe that "humans can change the future."We believe that KIBIT, an artificial intelligence, can create a better future because it can harmonize with humans.

What is given to employees  ~ Growth, challenges and opportunities

There are two distinctive environments that can be given to everyone working here.

The first is a global environment.Members working in Japan are also multinational, and communication with global bases in the United States, Taiwan, and South Korea occurs on a daily basis.

And the second is that we are creating the most advanced technology ourselves.The software we are developing regularly releases new versions and continues to evolve at an alarming rate.

By putting yourself in such an environment and working hard with your friends, you will have the opportunity to take on challenges and grow.

I believe that the most valuable thing we can offer you is an "opportunity".And here you can learn from experience how to take advantage of opportunities.

We look forward to discovering great potential at FRONTEO and working with you in the near future.

Masahiro Morimoto, President and CEO of FRONTEO Inc.

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