Quantify and analyze natural sentences in the healthcare field with "vectorization of words and documents".
When reading a sentence, understand not only the meaning of the word alone, but also the meaning and position of the words that appear around you.
You can analyze the composition of morphemes of sentences in a document at once.


Realize EBM (evidence-based medicine)


In the field of medicine and healthcare, responses based on groundless and incorrect information can sometimes lead to serious health consequences, so correct information must be carefully selected. .
That is why EBM (Evidence-based Medicine) is important in the healthcare field. Concept Encoder emphasizes EBM and does not turn the process of producing results into a black box. It achieves "reproducibility" (the same result is obtained even if other people do it).


Learn co-occurrence of words in a document and vectorize


Concept Encoder is a method of morphological analysis, that is, an analysis method that evaluates the frequency of appearance of morphemes (the smallest unit that has meaning in a language) among multiple documents, using a method called "vectorization of words and documents". The features of the text are quantified.
When a word appears in a sentence, the frequent appearance of another limited word in the sentence is called "co-occurrence", and vectorization is numerical by expressing this co-occurrence relationship in a matrix. Perform analysis.In other words, by numerically expressing and clarifying co-occurrence relationships, it becomes possible to find differences in relevance and importance without defining the meaning of words.


word co-occurrence and composition,
Combined analysis of morphological composition of sentences in a document


The Concept Encoder starts by learning the co-occurrence of words in a document and vectorizing it.In normal vector analysis, the method of finding the sentence and the word separately and then finding the relevance may be taken, but in Concept Encoder, the co-occurrence / composition of the word and the morpheme of the sentence in the document You can analyze the configuration collectively. FRONTEO is patented for this technology.Finally, we will learn and optimize.


Tag the documents you want to find,
learning to be important


By tagging the documents you want to find and letting the Concept Encoder learn what's important, you'll optimize that document for a higher score and higher ranking.