Case Study

Case study

金融Analysis and utilization of customer feedback
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd. Achieves total primary screening by AI for call data exceeding up to 1 calls per day
Build an innovative monitoring system by linking natural language AI "KIBIT" and voice text conversion system
金融Analysis and utilization of customer feedback
Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd. Build an innovative analysis system with "Knowledge Probe" equipped with natural language AI KIBIT.Reduces "customer feedback" to be read by 70-80%, enabling speedy risk discovery
Knowledge sharingOrganizational HR consulting
Globis Co., Ltd. Turn the tacit knowledge of a consultant into explicit knowledge of an organization
-Strengthen the knowledge sharing and utilization base that supports problem solving and improvement of proposal capabilities-
金融Analysis and utilization of customer feedback
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. Introduced AI for customer voice analysis to realize customer-oriented business operations.Extract "what to see" from all data and go to operation to check with human eyes
製造Skill transfer
AGC Inc. Passing skilled glass manufacturing technology to the next generation.
AI-based technology and skill transfer challenged by a glass manufacturing company founded 113 years ago.
Bank of Yokohama, Ltd. Introduced AI for entry sheet selection for new graduates
Discover future high performer candidates efficiently and on a fair basis
金融Sales compliance check
Bank of Yokohama, Ltd. Replace complex text checks that require detailed interpretation with KIBIT Streamline compliance checks for reception records created 1 times a day
PharmaceuticalDaily business report monitoring
Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. By analyzing only one hour a week, we can catch the individual needs of doctors from MR daily reports for 1,300 people nationwide and realize optimal information provision.
金融Sales compliance check
AEON Bank, Ltd. Approximately 80% reduction in interview record monitoring work by introducing AI x RPA
Personnel / laborPrevention of personnel outflow and turnover
SOLAST Inc. Additional follow-up to new employees judged by AI to be "high risk of retirement" significantly reduced turnover rate
Personnel / laborMental care
Ritalico Inc. Introducing a workflow that utilizes AI for employment support for persons with disabilities Discover signs that lead to worsening of the condition and avoid aggravation
製造Patent IP Search
Toyota Technical Development Corp. Highly effective in reducing man-hours for investigating invalid materials Realized 3 to 10 times more efficiency by utilizing artificial intelligence

Survey results

Taking out confidential information
Investigation of operation logs related to the Unfair Competition Prevention Law and taking out confidential information
Malware infection
Investigation of personal information leakage due to malware infection
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