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[Webinar held on 7/21] Points to keep in mind when investigating fraud learned from case studies-Explanations by experts from the perspectives of legal affairs, finance, and digital

[Wednesday, July 7 TMI Associates x FRONTEO Inc. x Tax Accountant Corporation Yamada & Partners Co-sponsored Webinar]
This online seminar will be co-sponsored by TMI Associates, tax accountant corporation Yamada & Partners, and will include not only tax but also legal and digital perspectives. Although the title is "fraud investigation", it is a useful seminar for considering risk management efforts, so please watch it.


【Overview of held】

◆ Title: Points to keep in mind when investigating fraud learned from case studies-Explanations by experts from the perspectives of legal affairs, finance, and digital
◆ Date: July 2021, 7 (Wednesday) 21: 16-00: 17
◆ Seminar structure:
1. Recent trends in fraud investigation
2. Key points of fraud investigation using case studies
 ① General signs of fraud
 ② Initial response from the discovery of fraud
 ③Survey team composition, procedures, and publication support
 ④ Response after the survey


For details of the seminarand


Kentaro Toda
TMI Associates Partner Lawyer / NY State Lawyer
Director of TMI Privacy & Security Consulting
Chuo University Law School Concurrent Lecturer (Asia Business Law)

Global compliance advice and forensics such as antitrust law / competition law, overseas bribery regulation, international trade (economic sanctions, anti-dumping), business and human rights, whistleblower protection law, establishment of global governance system, etc. Information governance is the main field of business, and in-house compliance training instructors are also energetically conducted.


Shusaku Nozaki
FRONTEO Inc. Technical Fellow
Tokyo Denki University Internationalization Cyber ​​Security Special Course External Lecturer
Certified Fraud Examiner

Based on his abundant knowledge and experience in internal fraud investigation and auditing utilizing digital forensics, he is engaged in advisory work centered on the operation of the entire legal business, as well as PCF FRONTEO (FRONTEO), a company specializing in credit card information leakage investigation. Also serves as the president of a subsidiary).We also carry out activities that contribute to the development of the industry, such as conducting digital forensics training for private companies and law enforcement agencies and training a large number of investigators.


Norishige Haruta

Tax accountant corporation Yamada & Partners
Overseas Business Manager / Partner / Representative Employee Tax Accountant

After joining the current tax accountant corporation Yamada & Partners in 2000, after undergoing language and practical training in China from 2011, he became the president of Yamada & Partners Consulting Shanghai in 2013. He has been in his current position since 2019.With strengths in tax consulting in Greater China and the ASEAN region, he has many achievements in international taxation, transfer pricing consulting, and tax haven countermeasure tax consulting.


Takashi Oi

Yamada & Partners Consulting Co., Ltd.
Aida Commerce Advisory Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. General Accounting Tax Accountant

Joined Yamada & Partners, a tax accountant corporation in 2013.After being seconded to a major financial institution, he was assigned to Shanghai in 2016.After being seconded to a Chinese accounting firm, he has been in his current position since 2019.Engaged in consulting services such as organizational restructuring, advancement / withdrawal support, M & A-related operations, corporate governance, and fraud investigation response in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


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