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FRONTEO supports quality fraud investigations of major domestic companies

Improve the accuracy of document reviews with multiple complex research perspectives through an integrated system of proprietary AI and data scientists

Masahiro Morimoto, President and CEO
2-12-23 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(Code number: 2158 TSE Growth)

FRONTEO Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiro Morimoto, hereafter FRONTEO) uses AI-based document review tool "KIBIT Automator" to investigate quality fraud in Japanese companies, and uses our data. We are pleased to inform you that with the appropriate support of scientists, we have improved the accuracy of document reviews, which are extremely complex and have multiple research perspectives, and have realized work efficiency and cost reduction.


This time, FRONTEO has supported a survey on quality fraud in Japan by a major Japanese company.In recent years, quality fraud cases of companies have been discovered one after another, and it has become a problem that has a great impact on society. FRONTEO provides support for investigating fraudulent cases using AI for a large number of companies, and this case is one of them.


The amount of data managed by companies is steadily increasing year by year, and in digital forensics (information security and analysis surveys targeting information recorded on digital devices), several TB per evidence holder (Castdian). You have to collect data that can range up to, and find a document that leads to evidence in a huge amount of documents within a limited period of time.Time, quality and cost are major issues for lawyers involved in research.Among them, "document review", which is the process of finding related information, is said to occupy about 1% of the time and cost, and it is necessary to find the necessary information from a huge amount of data within a limited time. , Utilization of tools such as AI is indispensable.


KIBIT Automator, which FRONTEO developed in 2019 to meet these needs, contains multiple algorithms that make up the AI ​​engine "KIBIT".The selection of these algorithms requires knowledge of natural language processing and statistical analysis, but at FRONTEO, a data scientist dedicated to the legal tech field has established a system to support the selection of algorithms by lawyers in charge of research.In this survey, the survey viewpoints were multiple and extremely complicated, so the data scientist selected the type of algorithm according to changes in the situation and the characteristics of the text data, and used AI to recreate the teacher data with multiple algorithms each time. We have provided support for.With these appropriate actions, we have achieved a 66% cutoff * for review, improving the efficiency of document reviews and reducing costs by reducing work time.


* Cutoff: Judging documents that rarely need to be reviewed by humans and excluding them from review.


KIBIT Automator is highly evaluated for its ability to discover "data you want to find" in a short time from a huge amount of data, and it is used for international litigation cases, arbitration cases, US authorities investigation cases, and investigations in Japan in various business areas. Widely used in projects.In this quality fraud investigation project as well, not only the use of AI, which is a feature of FRONTEO, but also the effectiveness of the support system by data scientists was proved.


FRONTEO will continue to promote the sophistication of AI solutions and the "best mix of people and digital" by specialists, and will contribute to reducing the burden and efficiency of corporate proceedings and investigations, and solving problems at an early stage.


■ About KIBIT Automator URL: https://legal.fronteo.com/products/kibit-automator/

"KIBIT Automator" improves the efficiency of document review work in electronic discovery (e-discovery), reduces the burden on workers, and reduces costs, among other discoveries required in the trial procedure of US civil proceedings. An AI tool developed for the purpose, released in March 2019.Applying the research method used in discovery, AI is used to examine and analyze large-capacity e-mails and electronic files that are evidence materials.In recent years, it has been utilized as one of the important processes of digital forensic surveys in the surveys of third-party committees in Japan, and it is expected to respond to the short-term information disclosure required by companies.


■ About KIBIT URL: https://www.fronteo.com/products/kibit/

"KIBIT" is an artificial intelligence that analyzes text without relying on keywords, using a unique machine learning algorithm that reproduces the "tacit knowledge" possessed by specialists and business experts.With high natural language processing technology, high-precision analysis can be performed in a short time with a small amount of teacher data, contributing to operational efficiency and sophistication in fields such as fraud investigation, intellectual property strategy, skill transfer, and risk prediction. doing.


FRONTEO  URL: https://www.fronteo.com/

FRONTEO uses the in-house developed AI engine "KIBIT", "Concept Encoder", and "Looca Cross" specializing in natural language processing to extract meaningful and important information from a huge amount of text data, and is a company. It is a data analysis company that supports the business of. Since its establishment in August 2003, it has been expanding globally to Japan, the United States, South Korea, and Taiwan, focusing on legal tech businesses such as "e-discovery (electronic discovery)" and "digital forensic investigation" that support corporate international litigation. Has been developed.Based on the AI ​​technology cultivated in this business, we will expand the business field to the life science field, business intelligence field, and economic security from 8, and by using AI to "turn text data into knowledge", We contribute to solving various corporate issues such as drug discovery support, dementia diagnosis support, financial, personnel, and sales support. Listed on TSE Mothers (currently TSE Growth) on June 2014, 2007. Obtained a first-class medical device manufacturing and sales business license in January 6 (permit number: 26B2021X1), and notified the managed medical device sales business in September of the same year (notification number: 13 Minato Misei Equipment No. 1).The capital is 10350 thousand yen (as of March 9, 3).

* FRONTEO, KIBIT, and concept encoder are registered trademarks of FRONTEO in Japan.


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