2022.05.16 News Unauthorized access to our US subsidiary 2022.05.11 Media information FRONTEO's economic security business was introduced on NHK "News 7" 2022.04.28 Press release FRONTEO uses the mail audit system "Communication Meter" to compose Japanese companies ... 2022.04.27 Press release FRONTEO and Keio Gijuku are co-developing technology for a depression / manic-depressive diagnosis support program using natural language AI ... 2022.04.26 Press release FRONTEO, AI document review efficiently document evidence in accounting fraud investigation cases at overseas subsidiaries of Japanese companies ... 2022.04.26 News We will exhibit at "6th AI / Artificial Intelligence EXPO [Spring]" 2022.04.20 Press release FRONTEO supports quality fraud investigations of major domestic companies 2022.04.19 Press release FRONTEO, "Word Sonar for Voi ..." that utilizes "customer voice" in financial services 2022.04.14 Press release Business tie-up with FRONTEO to introduce AI to create health support services from health salons and pharmacies 2022.04.04 Press release FRONTEO's dissertation search AI system "Amanogawa" introduced at Mie University Graduate School of Medicine 2022.03.30 Press release "E-Discovery Story-Practice of Global Compliance" co-authored by FRONTEO will be released on March 3th. 2022.03.28 Press release FRONTEO Holds Business Seminar on Data Driven Market and AI Utilization in Life Sciences ... 2022.03.24 Press release FRONTEO's fall prediction AI system "Coroban" introduced at St. Marianna University School of Medicine Hospital 2022.03.23 Press release FRONTEO, Covington & Burling LLP, a major US law firm, and session video recording ... 2022.03.22 Press release FRONTEO, AI by new AI system "liGALILEO" which will be process innovation of drug discovery ... 2022.03.17 Press release Business data analysis system "Knowledge Probe" utilizing FRONTEO's AI, Kanpo ... 2022.03.16 Press release FRONTEO begins development for deployment of AI medical devices and healthcare solutions on AWS 2022.03.09 Press release FRONTEO, "Concept Encoder Optimi ..." 2022.02.24 News We will exhibit at "Nursing Care Technology Exhibition in Tokyo Care Week" 2022.02.24 Press release FRONTEO is a Taiwanese company of internal fraud investigation / audit solution "Lit i View XA MINER" ... 2022.02.21 Press release FRONTEO develops new functions that will enable the fall prediction AI system "Coroban" to be used in nursing care facilities ... 2022.02.17 Press release FRONTEO launches new AI solution "Word Sonar" for risk detection and prediction 2022.02.16 Press release FRONTEO Hideki Takeda Director / Chief Technology Officer CTO, Kyoto University Law Policy Joint Research Center Specially Appointed Professor ... 2022.02.15 Press release Suzuken and FRONTEO conclude a partnership agreement for the "Conversational Dementia Diagnosis Support AI Program" business 2022.02.09 Press release FRONTEO Legal Link Porta, a platform that connects excellent lawyers and professionals with companies ... 2022.02.09 News [Seminar Information] Overview of US Trade Regulations 2022.02.08 Press release FRONTEO patents for technology of economic security solution "supply chain analysis service" using AI ... 2022.02.02 Press release Nishimura & Asahi Law Office and FRONTEO Hold "Economic Security Initiative" 2022.01.31 Media information An article about digital forensics was published in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun on January 1st. 2022.01.27 Press release FRONTEO confirms AI efficiency even in cases with a small amount of documents in US civil lawsuits 2022.01.26 Press release FRONTEO strengthens the heat map function of the AI ​​review tool "KIBIT Automator", Q ... 2022.01.25 Press release FRONTEO deploys in-house developed AI for medical and drug discovery fields in the business intelligence field 2022.01.13 News [Seminar Information] Trends in AI, Privacy and Data Protection Laws in the EU, US and China 2022.01.11 Press release FRONTEO Achieves Target Number of Registered Cases in "Conversational Dementia Diagnosis Support AI Program" Clinical Trials 2022.01.06 Press release Nishimura & Asahi Law Office and FRONTEO Hold "Economic Security Initiative" 2022.01.06 News [Seminar Information] eDiscovery Overview and Data Privacy in Cross-Border Cases
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