CEO Message

The FRONTEO spirit, the social benefits
We will contribute to society with AI (artificial intelligence) that uses human wisdom

The FRONTEO Group launched in 2003 as a legal business under the company name UBIC. Since then, we have provided international litigation support and conducted investigations of illegal activities by adhering to the philosophy of “protecting the pride and values of companies”.
Now, after changing our name to FRONTEO in July 2016, our endeavors are no longer confined to just the legal business.
Using KIBIT, our artificial intelligence that was developed in a demanding environment where high precision is needed in a short period of time for litigation support and for investigation of illegal activity, we are working to further solve social issues mainly in the fields of healthcare, business intelligence and digital communications.
In fiscal 2016, in the healthcare field, we expanded the scope of solutions for pharmaceutical industry such as medical representative support and side effects analysis, and in the digital communications field, we began sales of the Kibiro communication robot, which has KIBIT embedded. With the rapid introduction of KIBIT-embedded software, FRONTEO’s AI is being increasingly used in various industries.
The FRONTEO Group will continue to do our best, with our shareholders, so that people and society can continue to shine.

CEO and Chairman of the Board

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