Social Media Policy

FRONTEO and its group companies (hereinafter referred to as the FRONTEO Group) have established the FRONTEO Group social media policy in order to ensure appropriate management of their official social media accounts and appropriate social media behavior by the group’s employees.

The FRONTEO Group social media policy is applicable to the group’s individual employees at any time when they make references to the group’s brand and business activities while participating in social media.

We understand the characteristics of social media and strictly observe laws and regulations.

When using social media platforms, we understand that they are forums for communication based on networks of individuals’ personal relationships, that they may be used by the general public, and that as comments and activities on them are open to the world at large, it is impossible to completely retract information once it has been disseminated there. We disseminate information and engage in communication on social media in strict compliance with laws and internal regulations set by the FRONTEO Group, including labor regulations, the personal information protection policy, and the information security policy.

We preserve and enhance the FRONTEO Group’s brand.

Individual employee’s comments and activities form the FRONTEO Group’s brand. Meanwhile, references to confidential information and comments contradictory to the FRONTEO Group’s official views or interests could have serious consequences for persons who make such references and comments as well as for the group. Always bearing this risk in mind, individuals who use social media contribute to the development of confidence in, familiarity with, and friendliness toward the FRONTEO Group and its brand.

We always give consideration to the FRONTEO Group’s presence as a global company.

Social media provides an environment where the whole world can be instantly interconnected across the walls of national borders, cultures, and races. Comments that are appropriate in a certain country may be regarded as inappropriate or illegal elsewhere. Therefore, we always bear in mind the possibility that our comments could have consequences on a global scale.

The FRONTEO Group shares customer feedback across business divisions.

When the FRONTEO Group’s employees find posted comments relevant to the reputation of the group or its brand, they share the information with personnel in charge of social media at the corporate communications division. In particular, when employees come across comments critical of or slanderous against the group or its brand, they avoid making counterarguments or engaging in debate on their own and instead cooperate with relevant business divisions so that the FRONTEO Group as a whole can respond.

Basic Manners

  • We never disguise our identity and we behave with common sense and disseminate information and engage in communication in an honest and conscientious manner.
  • We give consideration to what information to disseminate and how to disseminate information and take care to avoid providing erroneous or misleading information.
  • When we have provided erroneous or misleading information, we promptly make corrections in a conscientious manner.
  • We observe the regulations governing social media opened and operated by third-party persons and respect the respective cultures and manners of the various social media.
  • We comply with relevant laws and regulations, respect third-party persons’ intellectual property rights, privacy rights and the like, and make sure to prevent defamation and leakage of personal information.

Information disseminated by the FRONTEO Group’s employees through its official social media accounts do not necessarily represent the official views or statements of the group. Please be reminded that the FRONTEO Group’s official views and statements are made public via its website and press releases.

July 1, 2016

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