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“ART” and Science: The Power of People in eDiscovery

In the dawn of the eDiscovery age, email use was growing but not yet pervasive, and collecting and producing the relatively low volumes of » Read More

Legalweek, The Experience: FRONTEO Event Highlights

Each year, ALM hosts one of the largest shows in the industry: Legaltech. This year, the event was expanded and re-named Legalweek “The Experience”. » Read More

Challenges of eDiscovery for FCPA Investigations in Japan

When discussion of bribery and corrupt business practices comes up, it’s common to think of China and Russia, and the high profile investigations in » Read More

eDiscovery Trends & Predictions for 2017

The great Yogi Berra said “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future”.  At FRONTEO we are constantly tracking technology changes, legal and » Read More

The Ascent of Business Intelligence in the Legal Market; eDiscovery BI Research Findings

Search Google for the words “legal business intelligence” or “analytics for law firms.”  Millions of blog entries, industry articles, and (of course) advertisements hype » Read More

Today’s General Counsel “The Exchange” in Los Angeles

Today’s General Counsel, the well-known legal publication, hosts forums across the U.S. called “The Exchange.” The events are interactive round-table sessions designed to bring » Read More

eDiscovery and Big Data by the Numbers – Lessons Learned in 2016

eDiscovery is, in many aspects, a metrics driven business.  In every new case there are discussions about the volume of documents, the number of » Read More

Reflections of a Relativity Master

If you are in the eDiscovery industry, you know that Relativity is a web-based software provided by kCura used for document review during the » Read More

TAR, Email Threading and Analytics…The New Standards in eDiscovery

As I look back over the past five or six years, it really is amazing how far the industry has come in its progressive » Read More

Put a Bow on Your Review: Using Metrics to Build the Perfect eDiscovery Document Review Business Plan

Handling eDiscovery and document review in-house is sometimes described as the ideal model. But for most law firms and corporate legal teams, litigation volumes » Read More

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