We provide optimal solutions to achieve FRONTEO’s mission to “Securely Identify Risks and Opportunities Buried in Records” with the aim of achieving a future where the right people can obtain the information they need. We are steadily accumulating a track record of achievements as we expand the business from LegalTech, in which we have been engaged since our foundation.

Solving human and social challenges through services that leverage proprietary AI technology

Since its founding in 2003, FRONTEO has been cultivating technology and know-how to discover evidence from among masses of emails and business documents in a limited period of time in cases of international litigation support and investigation of employee wrongdoing. FRONTEO will expand the scope of solutions provided to human and social challenges, mainly by applying KIBIT, which has been established as a technology that learns human subtleties (tacit knowledge, intuition and judgment) from a small volume of data, and which identifies relevant information quickly.
In addition, our Life Science division has launched the full-scale supply of the independently-developed AI system (targeted for life science industry), the Concept Encoder, aimed at promoting the utilization of life science-related big data.

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