Making the “Bright Value” a Reality

1. What we mean by “Bright Value”

Securely Identify Risks and Opportunities Buried in Records

With our frontline technology built on the knowledge, experience and judgment of experts, we provide solutions optimized to securely identify risks and opportunities that are buried in records. Value is brought on by realizing a fair society where the most needed and most appropriate information are accessible and discoverable to all, in legaltech, healthcare, finance, intellectual property, education, human resources and other areas.

2. Six elements that matter in achieving the “Bright Value”

Bright Idea
Bright Culture
Bright Service
Bright Technology
Bright Business
Bright Humanity

3. Our motto (principle of action) to make the “Bright Value” a reality

Passion, Perseverance and Inspiration

What drives you is passion. You cannot accomplish anything without it. However, passion means nothing if it is a fleeting one; you must also have perseverance to overcome any obstacles that may arise. Once you accomplish your goal, there is joy, revelation and inspiration upon reflecting how much you have grown from this endeavor, and for the first time, you are able to move those around you.

4. Dedication in pursuit of the “Bright Value”

We hereby declare that with our belief in passion, perseverance and inspiration, we will strive for the “Bright Value” of FRONTEO as we always seek to advance and strengthen ourselves even further.

Corporate Brand


  • FRONTEO is made up of two words: “Front” ? the most forward position or place and “eo” meaning “go forward”.
  • It also reflects an abbreviation of “Frontier Technology Organization” that signifies “progressive, leading-edge value creators”.

Bright Symbol

  • The FRONTEO mark features multi-radiated axes, which represent the potential expansion of the business around the AI platform.
  • The FRONTEO symbol also has the power to unify and symbolizes diversity and immense strength and inspiration.
  • Visually the FRONTEO symbol embodies the word “bright” (appealing to both meaning and emotion).
  • The distinct color and form creates an optical illusion with shades of blue and yellow on the inside.
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