About FRONTEO / General Information

QWhen was FRONTEO established?
AAugust 8, 2003
QWhat is the origin of FRONTEO’s company name, meaning of the logo, and corporate philosophy?
APlease see the Corporate Philosophy page of our website.
QWhat is the reason of the change of corporate name, and when is it effective from?

UBIC has changed its corporate name to FRONTEO effective July 1, 2016.

The Company, soon after its establishment, has developed its business focusing on the eDiscovery business as “UBIC, Inc.” However, the Company has made significant innovation during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016 such as 1) commercialization of its efforts in the field other than litigation support (health care, business intelligence and marketing) based on developmental use of its original technology acquired through the business until present days, 2) development of humanoid robot “Kibiro” with AI-based search engine “KIBIT,” 3) second corporate acquisition in the United States, which is a principal market for eDiscovery business.
This change of trade name is aimed at making clear definition of the Company’s intention as a company with value which creates “future of people and society,” and at stating the Group’s strong intention, which is to further promote brand value improvement and innovation in global base by the entire Group, in its trade name. “FRONTEO” consists of “FRONT,” meaning cutting-edge in English, and “EO,” meaning to move forward in Latin. It is also an abbreviation of “Frontier Technology Organizations,” meaning “progressive and leading value creators group.”

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QWhat is FRONTEO’s vision and business strategy?

Please see the CEO’s message

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Please see FRONTEO’s latest 20-F filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

QWhat is FRONTEO’s business?

FRONTEO supports the analysis of big data based on behavioral informatics by utilizing its technology, KIBIT. We focus on following four business fields:

  • 1.Legal : International litigation support, Forensics
  • 2.Digital Marketing: Digital curation services, operation of community sites, development and sales of communication robot Kibiro.
  • 3.Healthcare: AI KIBIT based medical data analysis solution services
  • 4.Business Intelligence: Data analysis services to improve operatinal efficiency

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QHow many employees are there?

FRONTEO employs 423 people around the globe as of March 31st, 2016. For more information, see UBIC’s latest 20-F filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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QI’d like to know FRONTEO’s corporate history

Please see our history page of our website

QHow many subsidiaries does FRONTEO have?

As of July 2016, FRONTEO operates six wholly owned subsidiaries, which are as follows:

  • UBIC North America, Inc. (UNA), established in December 2007
  • Payment Card Forensics, Inc., established in August 2010
  • FRONTEO Taiwan, Inc. established in October 2011
  • FRONTEO Korea, Inc. established in December 2011
  • TechLaw Solutions, Inc., acquired by UBIC in August 2014
  • FRONTEO Healthcare., established in April 2015
  • EvD, Inc. acquired by UBIC in July 2015
  • FRONTEO Communications., established in September 2015

FRONTEO USA, Inc., the new combined US subsidiary established in July 2016, through the merging of UBIC North America, Inc., into EvD, Inc. in July 2016. Techlow Solutions, Inc. adopts a new company name FRONTEO Goverment Services, Inc. effective July 1, 2016.

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QWhat are the advantages of UBIC?
  • 1.Proprietary Technology:
    • Solid track-record in Asian-language litigation support
    • Unique Artificial Intelligence Technology “KIBIT”
  • 2.One-Stop solution in Asia
    • Identification – Collection-Process – Analysis – Hosting/Review – Production
    • In-depth local support with data hosting capabilities in Japan, Korea & US
  • 3.Expand our capability by leveraging proprietary technology
    • A solution for audit to enhance information governance business

Please refer to our legal intelligence page for more information

QWhat is the artificial intelligence “KIBIT”?

KIBIT is our original artificial intelligence (AI) which can identify desired textual information from massive amounts of data. This is made possible by learning nuances of human decision-making, which draws on only a small set of training data. Landscaping, our proprietary learning and evaluation algorithm, enables KIBIT to thus replicate human decision-making processes by analyzing their tacit knowledge and mechanisms of human judgement.

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QWhat language does KIBIT support?

FRONTEO’s multibyte technology is not language limited. Because of FRONTEO’s Asian heritage, the company specializes in handling information composed in the principal Asian languages, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, as well as English.

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QHow does FRONTEO lay out Intellectual Property strategy regarding KIBIT?

We put considerable emphasis on protecting our intangible assets including our home- grown technologies and unique brand as intellectual property (e.g., patents and trademarks). As a technology company involved in data analysis worldwide, we actively pursue the acquisition of intellectual property rights through patent applications in multiple countries across the world.

Please see R&D report for more information

QWhere is R&D base of FRONTEO?

FRONTEO Inc., Head Quarters in Japan

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Please see the Corporate Governance section of our Investor website

QWhat is FRONTEO’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy?

At FRONTEO, CSR initiatives are considered an essential part of a sustainable growth strategy for our company and its subsidiaries. Initiatives for the enhancement of corporate governance, strengthening compliance, addressing environmental concerns, etc., have been actively promoted by the company.

QHow does FRONTEO ensure compliance?

Our company has built up a healthy employee relationship through fair workplace practices, which is an important part of our broader aim of social enrichment through work. We have a Compliance Manual outlining the basic principles of work to be followed by employees. FRONTEO also has a process in place for providing compliance report to external authorities and we keep working to improve this even further.

QWhat is FRONTEO’s Information Security Policy?

Please see Basic Policy for Information Security page of our website

Financial Information

QWhen does FRONTEO announce its financial results?

FRONTEO issues its financial results quarterly as required by various regulatory agencies in the U.S. and Japan. For specific announcement dates, the company publishes a news release identifying the date on which each quarter’s results will be made public.

QHow can I find out more about FRONTEO’s financial results and outlook?

Please see SEC Filings page.

QHow do I get a copy FRONTEO’s financial reports?

Please see SEC Filings page.

QWho is FRONTEO’s independent auditor?

BDO Sanyu & Co.

Stock Information

QWhere is FRONTEO’s stock listed?

FRONTEO’s common shares trade on the Mothers Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) under the code 2158. Its American Depositary Shares (ADS), which are tied to the common stock, trade on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol “FTEO.”

FRONTEO shares were first listed on the TSE Mothers Market, June 26, 2007. FRONTEO ADS units were listed on the Nasdaq, May 16, 2013.

QWhat is the name of FRONTEO’s transfer agent and registrar?

The stock transfer agent and depositary bank for FRONTEO common shares is Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank Ltd, Marunouchi 1, 4, 5, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Japan. The stock transfer agent and registrar for FRONTEO ADS units is The Bank of New York Mellon 101 Barclay Street, New York, NY 10286.

QWhere can I find out more about FRONTEO shares?

Please refer to FRONTEO’s most recent 20-F filing.

QWhen is the annual shareholders’ meeting held?

The Annual Shareholder’s meeting occurs in Japan in June.

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