Image MASSter WipePRO X2


HDD erasing tool

A large number of HDDs (up to 32) can be erased at high speed (maximum 9GB / min), and work time can be greatly reduced.The erasing method supports not only one-time overwriting, but also DoD erasing and Secure Erase.It is ideal for batch erasing data on multiple HDDs and preparing a large amount of HDDs that should be kept on hand in high-tech crime investigations.


  • Up to 9 HDDs with SATA interface can be erased at the same time.
  • Achieved the fastest erasing speed of 32GB / min.
  • It is a space-saving concept design of HDD vertical installation type.
  • It is also possible to erase data in the clipped area.
  • With various options, it also supports HDDs of various ATA standards.
  • The OS is equipped with Windows® operating system.

Product Info


  • Erase mode
    • User overwrite count / pattern specified deletion
    • DoD erase
    • Secure Erase
  • Operation log (HDD detailed information, execution erase mode, etc.) recording
  • HDDs with different interfaces can be erased at the same time. * Optional required

Product Specifications

  • Power supply 100 – 240V / 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption 55W
  • Operating temperature 5 to 55 ° C
  • Operating humidity 20% -60% * No condensation
  • Body weight about 7.71kg
  • Body dimensions approx. 400 mm x approx. 384 mm x approx. 490 mm
  • Maximum transfer speed 32GB / min
  • Supported interfaces
    8 ports (also used as SATA port)
    9 port
    6 port
    3 port
    3 port
    Gigabit Ethernet
    2 port
  • Other interfaces
    • PS / 2 (keyboard / mouse) * Touch panel / software keyboard compatible
    • Audio terminal (microphone / speaker)
    • Various video output ports (HDMI / Display Port / DVI / D-sub 15pin)


  • Various options for Solo-4 G3 are available depending on the device type.