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[3/7 7th Manufacturing Industry Study Session] Technology and skill transfer using digital technology

In an aging society with a declining birthrate, it is an urgent issue to improve productivity and pass on core know-how to the next generation, but the visualization of tacit knowledge is an obstacle, and although many companies are working on it, The reality is that things are not progressing as planned. However, with the development of digital technology in recent years, many cases have been reported to efficiently convey core know-how. In this study session, we will visualize tacit knowledge, introduce ways of thinking and proceeding to utilize digital technology, and introduce examples of handing down information using digital technology.

【Webinar Summary】

◆Title: Transferring technology and skills using digital technology
◆ Date: April 2024, 3 (Thursday) 7: 15-00: 16
◆ Fee: Free webinar
◆ Tools used: Zoom Webinars



◆Trinity Program Representative
Teiji Nonaka

Joined NEC Corporation in 1973 (in charge of electronic equipment production technology).
After that, he worked at NEC Research Institute Ltd. and Fujitsu Research Institute Ltd. for a total of 30 years, providing consulting services such as IT planning, business improvement, manufacturing innovation support, and technology/skill transfer support for large to medium-sized and small-to-medium-sized manufacturers. implementation.


◆ FRONTEO Co., Ltd.
Deputy General Manager, Business Intelligence Business Headquarters
Tetsuya Hayakawa

In 1995, he joined The Tokai Bank, Ltd. (now MUFG Bank).After joining the company, he was in charge of companies listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (at that time), foreign companies, and small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in the manufacturing industry.He visits many factories and supports the business of various customers while thoroughly sticking to "on-site needs".
In 2017, he was appointed branch manager and branch manager.
Joined FRONTEO Co., Ltd. in 2022 and assisted customers in solving business problems as the deputy general manager of the Business Intelligence Business Headquarters.


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