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[Co-sponsored by Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners × FRONTEO] Utilization of hypothesis generation AI and target validation in drug discovery research

●“Accelerate and advance dry research with drug discovery support solutions using hypothesis generation AI”
FRONTEO and Axcelead DDP announced the conclusion of a basic AI drug discovery support partnership agreement in November 2023. By combining FRONTEO's hypothesis generation AI and Axcelead DDP's drug discovery platform functions, hypotheses can be constructed through dry research (data analysis using computers and AI), and wet research (biological research using cells, animals, etc.). This makes it possible to efficiently operate the cycle of verifying them through tests).
In addition to an overview of the AI ​​drug discovery support partnership, this seminar will focus on the technologies of both companies that are the core of the partnership.
The FRONTEO part is responsible for dry research in partnerships, and uses in-house developed AI to propose hypotheses for highly novel target genes, drug repositioning, and disease mechanisms. introduce.

●“Accelerate hypothesis verification with diverse validation platforms”
In recent years, the depletion of drug discovery targets has become a contributing factor to the inefficiency of drug discovery, and AI is attracting great expectations as a solution to this problem. In addition, it is extremely important to quickly and efficiently verify the validity of promising and unique hypotheses, drug discovery targets, and target diseases generated by AI to improve the efficiency of drug discovery. However, in order to test the diverse hypotheses generated by AI, a variety of approaches, both in vitro and in vivo, are required. In this lecture, we will provide an overview of Axcelead's various hypothesis testing platforms that create dry x wet synergies.

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Outline of the event

[Date and time] Monday, December 2024, 3 4:12~00:13

[Format] Online (Zoom Webinars)

[Participation conditions]
Please refrain from applying if you are using a free address, are in the same industry as our company, or are unsure of your affiliation.



Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners Co., Ltd.
Masayuki Ii

Doctor of Pharmacy. After graduating from the doctoral program at Kyoto University Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1990, he joined Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited's Chemical Research Laboratory in the same year. After studying abroad at The Scripps Research Institute and Immunolgy, he worked at Takeda Global Research & Development Inc., served as chief member of Takeda Pharmaceutical's Overseas Research Office, and head of the inflammatory disease drug discovery unit.In July 2017, he joined Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners. biological head. Current position from April 7.

Executive Officer Drug Discovery AI Factory Executive Officer
Head of Life Science AI Business Headquarters and Director of Behavioral Information Science Research Institute
CTO Ph.D. (Science)
Hiroyoshi Toyoshiba

Waseda University Graduate School of Science and Engineering Department of Mathematics.Since 2000, during the doctoral course in science (mathematics, obtained a doctorate in 1999), he has been in charge of statistical analysis of medical data at the Medical Information Department of Kyushu University Hospital. Since 2000, he has participated in research on carcinogenic processes by data analysis at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). Since 2004, he has been engaged in statistical analysis of toxicity data, design of epidemiological research, and data analysis research at the National Institute for Environmental Studies. Joined Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited in 2006, and has served as a researcher in the field of bioinformatics, head of the Global Data Science Institute / Japan Site Bioinformatics, and a science fellow.He is also involved in gene expression data analysis and target search in clinical trial data, as well as biomarker search in immunity and cancer.
Engaged in life science AI development at FRONTEO since 2017.He develops AI algorithms specialized in the area of ​​life sciences.Utilizing the feature of vectorization of text, we have developed various AI products based on this artificial intelligence, such as research paper search, drug discovery support, dementia diagnosis support, and fall prediction.
Life Science AI CTO since 2019. In 2021, he will be appointed as an executive officer.Further promote the social implementation of AI through a mathematical approach.

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