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Paper search AI: How to use vector concept search

In drug discovery research, it is essential to check daily paper information and public databases, and update knowledge and knowledge of important information.However, the number of documents is increasing year by year, and it is already difficult for humans to cover all the necessary information.
The article search AI "KIBIT Amanogawa" can instantly detect and analyze article information with high similarity and relevance from the huge amount of article information of over 3000 million articles published on Pubmed.
It makes it possible to find information that could not be found through conventional keyword searches and information that is not biased by the searcher, realizing objective and comprehensive analysis in medical and drug discovery research.

●“KIBIT Amanogawa, a discovery-type concept search AI system specializing in hypothesis generation”
In this section, we will introduce an overview of the AI ​​algorithms and systems installed in KIBIT Amanogawa.

●“How to use paper search AI vector concept search”
In this section, we will introduce how KIBIT Amanogawa is used by drug discovery researchers, with examples for each purpose.

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Outline of the event

[Date and time] Thursday, November 2024, 2 22:11~40:12
Trial session (only for those participating at the real venue): November 2024, 2 (Thursday) 22:12-30:13 (free to leave)

[Format] Online (Zoom Webinars) & real venue held simultaneously
*Bento and drinks will be provided at the real venue.Please join us as a luncheon seminar.

[Venue] FRONTEO Co., Ltd. Shinagawa Head Office 4th floor AI Tech Lounge
(address  108-0075-2 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 12-23 Meishan Takahama Building
*Capacity: 20 people (first-come, first-served basis. If the capacity is exceeded, you will be placed on a waiting list for cancellations)

[Participation conditions]
We kindly ask that you refrain from applying if you are using the free address, if you are in the same industry as us, or if you do not know your affiliation.When accessing Zoom on the day, please enter your name and email address that you entered at the time of application in the entry field for Zoom participation.



Life Science AI Business Headquarters
Life Science AI Research Team Manager
Ph.D. (Pharmacy)
Joji Nomura

After obtaining his doctorate from Kumamoto University Graduate School, he joined Teijin Pharma Limited.He has been involved in drug discovery from exploratory research to preclinical research, and has served as a project leader and pharmacology group leader.He was engaged in corporate planning, business strategy, and functional strategy planning for Teijin Limited. He joined FRONTEO in October 2023 and is in charge of analysis policy planning, analysis, and hypothesis generation using KIBIT.


Life Science AI Business Headquarters
AI drug discovery team
Ai Hakusui

Worked as a medical information representative (MR) mainly in the ophthalmology field at a foreign pharmaceutical company.
Joined FRONTEO in March 2023.Currently, he is working at the Life Science AI Business Headquarters to expand the AI ​​drug discovery business, including KIBIT Amanogawa.


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