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Achieving the search for new drug discovery targets by combining disease genome analysis and natural language processing AI

●“Achieving the search for new drug discovery targets through the fusion of disease genome analysis and natural language processing AI”
Disease genome analysis is expected to discover drug targets based on the causes of diseases, and much research has been carried out around the world.On the other hand, despite the vast amount of disease genomic information that has been obtained, there are many diseases for which no treatments have been developed because it is difficult to identify the complex disease mechanisms.One of the reasons may be that it is difficult to link genomic information and disease onset using conventional genome analysis methods.
In this seminar, we will combine eQTL analysis, a method to identify the relationship between gene loci and gene expression, with the functions of KIBIT, a natural language processing AI engine that has learned a huge amount of medical and pharmaceutical information, to improve the We will introduce methods to solve analysis problems and realize drug discovery target searches, along with specific examples.

● “AI drug discovery research support solution specialized for hypothesis generation”
It is currently extremely difficult for drug discovery researchers to discover target molecules with unreported association with disease. At the FRONTEO Drug Discovery AI Factory, biologists who have extensive drug discovery experience cultivated at major pharmaceutical companies and international research institutes and a deep understanding of AI utilize in-house developed natural language processing AI and use their own analysis methods.By using this, it has become possible to propose multiple highly novel target genes and their hypotheses in a short period of time.
We will introduce support for significantly improving the efficiency, acceleration, and success rate of drug discovery research through the fusion of AI and biologists.

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Outline of the event

[Date and time] Thursday, November 2023, 12 21:12~00:13
Information exchange meeting (only for those participating at the real venue): 13:00-13:30 on the same day

[Format] Online (Zoom Webinars) & real venue held simultaneously
*Bento and drinks will be provided at the real venue.Please join us as a luncheon seminar.

[Venue] FRONTEO Co., Ltd. Shinagawa Head Office 4th floor AI Tech Lounge
(address  108-0075-2 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 12-23 Meishan Takahama Building
*Capacity: 20 people (first-come, first-served basis. If the capacity is exceeded, you will be placed on a waiting list for cancellations)

[Participation conditions]
We kindly ask that you refrain from applying if you are using the free address, if you are in the same industry as us, or if you do not know your affiliation.When accessing Zoom on the day, please enter your name and email address that you entered at the time of application in the entry field for Zoom participation.



Executive Officer Drug Discovery AI Factory Chief Executive Officer
Head of Life Science AI Business Headquarters and Director of Behavioral Information Science Research Institute
CTO Ph.D. (Science)
Hiroyoshi Toyoshiba

Waseda University Graduate School of Science and Engineering Department of Mathematics.Since 2000, during the doctoral course in science (mathematics, obtained a doctorate in 1999), he has been in charge of statistical analysis of medical data at the Medical Information Department of Kyushu University Hospital. Since 2000, he has participated in research on carcinogenic processes by data analysis at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). Since 2004, he has been engaged in statistical analysis of toxicity data, design of epidemiological research, and data analysis research at the National Institute for Environmental Studies. Joined Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited in 2006, and has served as a researcher in the field of bioinformatics, head of the Global Data Science Institute / Japan Site Bioinformatics, and a science fellow.He is also involved in gene expression data analysis and target search in clinical trial data, as well as biomarker search in immunity and cancer.
Engaged in life science AI development at FRONTEO since 2017.He develops AI algorithms specialized in the area of ​​life sciences.Utilizing the feature of vectorization of text, we have developed various AI products based on this artificial intelligence, such as research paper search, drug discovery support, dementia diagnosis support, and fall prediction.
Life Science AI CTO since 2019. In 2021, he will be appointed as an executive officer.Further promote the social implementation of AI through a mathematical approach.


Manager, Life Science AI Research Team, Life Science AI Business Headquarters
Doctor of Science, MBA 
Yoshinori Satomi

After completing graduate school at Osaka University, joined Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited.He is in charge of genomic drug discovery and translational research, utilizing omics analysis such as metabolomics and proteomics, and bioinformatics.After that, he engaged in digital health business planning at Shionogi & Co., Ltd.
Responsible for developing new analysis methods by making full use of KIBIT and bioinformatics.



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