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[6th Manufacturing Industry Study Session] New trends in occupational safety and health - The importance of chemical substance management hidden in all business establishments -

December 2023, 11
Occupational safety and health activities are activities to protect a company's valuable assets, ``human resources,'' but up until now, they have been viewed as a cost and have been limited to the bare minimum stipulated by laws such as the Industrial Safety and Health Act. Many managers thought it was a good idea.However, with the introduction of autonomous management of chemical substances that was revised in 4, it can be said that we have entered an era in which health and safety activities are viewed as an "investment" to protect valuable human resources.Autonomous management requires individuals to assess risks and select countermeasures on their own responsibility.DX support will be needed more than ever in order to make optimal decisions tailored to each individual situation.In the lecture, we will introduce the recent national occupational safety and health policies and explain our expectations for support for safety and health measures for DX.

【Webinar Summary】

◆Title: New trends in occupational safety and health - Focusing on chemical substance management -
◆ Date: July 2023, 12 (Tuesday) 19: 10-30: 11
◆ Fee: Free webinar
◆ Tools used: Zoom Webinars



◆NAOSH Consulting 
Hirohiko Nakahara

1992 Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Engineering, majoring in industrial chemistry
1992 Joined Tonen Corporation General Research Laboratory
2008 ExxonMobil Limited Medical and Industrial Hygiene Department
2015 TonenGeneral Sekiyu Co., Ltd. Environmental Safety Management Department Industrial Hygiene Department
2017 JXTG Energy Corporation Environment and Safety Department Industrial Hygiene Group Manager
2022 NAOSH Consulting Representative
2022 Specially Appointed Researcher, Chemical Substances Information Management Research Center, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
<Main qualifications> Occupational health consultant (hygienic engineering), occupational safety consultant (chemistry)


◆ FRONTEO Co., Ltd.
Deputy General Manager, Business Intelligence Business Headquarters
Tetsuya Hayakawa

In 1995, he joined The Tokai Bank, Ltd. (now MUFG Bank).After joining the company, he was in charge of companies listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (at that time), foreign companies, and small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in the manufacturing industry.He visits many factories and supports the business of various customers while thoroughly sticking to "on-site needs".
In 2017, he was appointed branch manager and branch manager.
Joined FRONTEO Co., Ltd. in 2022 and assisted customers in solving business problems as the deputy general manager of the Business Intelligence Business Headquarters.


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