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[3/22 Webinar] Unearthing the latent value of the seeds ~True strength and value illuminated by FRONTEO AI Drug Discovery BKM~

Many pharmaceutical companies are increasingly in-licensing their development pipelines from external partners.There are many drug discovery venture companies among the licensees, and at the same time, it is an opportunity for drug discovery venture companies. There is a need to show superiority.
On the other hand, it is also true that there are constraints in terms of funds, time, etc. in order to newly conduct "acquisition of additional data", "clarification of points of difference", and "further corroboration of MoA" in order to demonstrate superiority. .
FRONTEO has Drug Discovery AI and data scientists and bioscientists who operate it, and performs "non-biased" and "exhaustive" searches in a "short period of time" to discover new strengths of seeds and unearth added value. We are here to help.
In this webinar, we will introduce FRONTEO's Drug Discovery Best Known Method (DD-BKM) and propose a value-added improvement service that uncovers the latent value of seeds.


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【Webinar Summary】

◆Theme: Unearthing the latent value of seeds ~True strength and value illuminated by FRONTEO AI Drug Discovery BKM~

Date: March 2023, 3 (Wednesday) 22:12-10:12

◆ Recommended for people like this!
・People belonging to bio-ventures
・Those who belong to venture capital
・Those who belong to a pharmaceutical company (research)

◆Participation conditions: Those who use the free address, those who are in the same industry as our company, and those whose affiliation is unknown are not allowed to apply.When accessing ZOOM on the day, please enter the name and email address you entered at the time of application in the ZOOM participation entry field.

Deputy General Manager, Life Science AI Business Headquarters
Rinsuke Suzuki

Engaged in pharmaceutical research and development at Japanese and foreign pharmaceutical companies.He has experience in project management, medical writer, international academics, GMP audit, etc. Since 2018, he has been engaged in business development, licensing, and alliance management at a foreign pharmaceutical company. Joined FRONTEO in January 2023.Currently, he is working on business expansion at the Life Science AI Business Headquarters.

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