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[December 12th webinar] Reduce the labor and cost of daily report monitoring!Introduction of automatic document sorting system "Mekiki"

"Mekiki" is a system that automatically sorts, scores, and searches medical and medical specialized information using the artificial intelligence engine "Concept Encoder" developed by FRONTEO for the life science field.
In pharmaceutical companies, we handle specialized medical information based on strict standards in operations such as clinical development, pharmaceutical application, and quality control, and supervise and guide promotion activities in accordance with the "Guidelines for sales information provision of ethical drugs." A lot of effort and cost is spent on document management and examination work.
Improve work efficiency by automatically detecting, classifying, and reviewing highly specialized information such as disease information, drug safety information, competitive product information, sales and public relations documents, etc. We will introduce "Mekiki" that realizes

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【Webinar Summary】

◆Theme: Reduce the amount of labor and cost required for daily report monitoring!Introduction of automatic document sorting system "Mekiki"

Date: December 2022, 12 (Tuesday) 6:12-15:12

◆ Recommended for people like this!
・ Those who work for a pharmaceutical company
・ Those who are worried about monitoring daily reports and emails
・ Those who have not been able to make effective use of past data
・ Those who want to improve work efficiency by utilizing AI

◆Participation conditions: Those who use the free address, those who are in the same industry as our company, and those whose affiliation is unknown are not allowed to apply.When accessing ZOOM on the day, please enter the name and email address you entered at the time of application in the ZOOM participation entry field.

Life Science AI Business Headquarters Medical DX Team
Nobuyuki Kawashima
After joining WingArc 2009st Co., Ltd. (formerly WingArc Technologies Co., Ltd.) in 1, engaged in dissemination of BI tools as solution sales.After that, he worked as a sales representative (MR) at Asahi Kasei Pharma.He is in charge of orthopedic surgery, emergency ICU, collagen disease internal medicine, etc. from university hospitals to clinics. He will join FRONTEO Co., Ltd. in 2022 and will be involved in proposing solutions using AI.

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