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[September 9th Webinar] Investigation of recent corporate scandals and third-party committees-Has the “third-party committee” finished its role? ~

Nov. 2022, 9

[Online seminar co-sponsored by Anderson Mori & Tomotsune Law Office / FRONTEO]

In 2010, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA) published the Guidelines for Third-Party Committees in Corporate Scandals, and since then, the practice of establishing third-party committees to investigate large-scale corporate scandals has become established. In many cases, other types of investigative committees, such as "special investigative committees," are set up in the surveys, and the number of cases in which third-party committees are set up seems to be on the decline.In addition, regarding the third-party committee, although the content of its activities has become a black box, the claims are high, it is doubtful whether the investigative committee is truly independent from the management team, and the scope of the investigation is too narrow to clarify the actual situation. It is also pointed out that there is a problem that it is not.

In light of this situation, this webinar will explain the history and current status of third-party committees, as well as the stances of the authorities, stock exchanges, and auditing firms on third-party committees. I look forward to practice.


【Webinar Summary】

◆Title: Investigation of Recent Corporate Scandals and Third-Party Committee – Has the “Third-Party Committee” Finished Its Role? ~
◆Date: Thursday October 2022, 9 @ 15:15-00:16 (JST)
◆ Fee: Free webinar
◆ Webinar type: Zoom Webinar

◆ Speaker:
amt_Mr. Miyake.jpgHidetaka Miyake
Anderson, Mori & Tomotsune Foreign Law Joint Venture Partner
He has practical experience in the public prosecutor, the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, and the forensic department of a major audit firm. We specialize in dealing with government authorities.In particular, he often engages in investigations of accounting fraud in listed companies, and has extensive experience as a member and assistant of third-party committees.
Selected as a leading individual in the Risk management and investigations category of The Legal 500 Asia Pacific in 2021 and 2022, and was selected as one of the 2020 lawyers by field in Toyo Keizai Weekly November 11 It has been elected in the field of third-party committees.
◆ Office introduction:

Anderson Mori & Tomotsune, as Japan's leading comprehensive law firm, flexibly provides a wide range of high-quality comprehensive legal services in the fields of international and domestic corporate legal affairs, and makes a wide variety of requests. We respond promptly and accurately to the needs of our clients in response to all legal issues and complex cross-cutting matters faced by our clients.Currently, there are many bilingual lawyers with abundant achievements in almost all specialized fields related to corporate activities, including M & A, finance, capital markets, business revitalization / bankruptcy, litigation / arbitration, and their bases. The network extends to Tokyo as well as Osaka and Nagoya in Japan, and overseas to Asian countries such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, and Jakarta, and demand from domestic and overseas clients expanding overseas business. We are responding to.

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