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[Webinar held on August 8] Code of conduct as a listed company when an accounting error is discovered

April 2022, 8

[Iwata Godo Law Office / FRONTEO Joint Online Seminar]

No matter how much internal control is strengthened, it is impossible to completely prevent accounting errors (inappropriate accounting). You need to be prepared.However, there are various causes for the discovery of accounting errors, and the required response differs depending on the content and assumed importance of the error. In the worst case, it can lead to delisting.Therefore, in this seminar, we will explain the code of conduct expected of listed companies according to the pattern of inappropriate accounting.

[Program] (Partially subject to change)
XNUMX Disclosure system sanctions against inappropriate accounting
XNUMX Initial response for each pattern in which accounting errors become apparent 
XNUMX Conducting surveys with an awareness of risk scenarios


【Webinar Summary】

◆Title: Code of conduct as a listed company when an accounting error is discovered
◆Date: Thursday October 2022, 8 @ 25:15-00:16 (JST)
◆ Fee: Free webinar
◆ Webinar type: Zoom Webinar

◆ Speaker:
iwata-motomura.jpgKen Motomura
Partner, Iwata Godo Law Office
He handles a wide range of matters, including corporate lawsuits, claims for damages, competition law-related disputes, and tax disputes.
[Major litigation cases, etc. handled]
Company-related litigation (on the business side): Requests to cancel shareholder meeting resolutions, requests to view and copy shareholder lists, requests to view and copy books, petitions to determine stock purchase prices, etc. Many cases, such as a petition for permission to view and copy, a petition for an injunction against illegal acts against a director by a shareholder, etc.
In addition, there are many other litigation cases such as competition law-related (business side), tax litigation (business side), labor lawsuit (employer side), new product-related (financial institution side), large-scale litigation (business side), etc. etc.
Yuuki Mutoh
Partner, Iwata Godo Law Office
Utilizing his practical experience as a certified public accountant, he is engaged in a wide range of operations.
[Main business contents]
Responding to crisis management regarding corporate scandals (response to various investigations and investigations such as third-party committees [improper accounting cases, violations of the Antimonopoly Act, violations of financial regulations, personnel and labor issues such as power harassment, etc.], response to authorities such as supervisory authorities, Advice on implementation of recurrence prevention measures, etc.), general corporate legal matters such as the Companies Act and Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, various M&A transactions, corporate governance, internal control systems, legal advice on compliance systems, tax investigations, tax dispute resolution, litigation, Dispute resolution, IPO support
Counsel, Iwata Godo Law Office 
In corporate legal affairs, I am mainly engaged in the following two tasks.
(XNUMX) Crisis management operations (improvement of internal control system during normal times, response to emergencies)
②IT-related business (cyber security, information leakage, digital forensics, system development, software licensing, cloud services, etc.)
In addition, he has handled several dispute cases that require specialized knowledge other than law.

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