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[Webinar held on 7/14] AI-based support tool for new strategy formulation "Word ATLAS" -Non-biased competitive analysis and visualization of KOL trends-

In this seminar, we will introduce "Word ATLAS", a system that analyzes and visualizes medical papers and author information contained in PubMed using FRONTEO's original natural language analysis AI engine "Concept Encoder". "Word ATLAS" improves the efficiency of research and development in the fields of medicine and drug discovery as a support tool for selecting collaborators and collaborative facilities in basic research, clinical research, and clinical trials, and formulating medical marketing strategies including competitive analysis. We support acceleration and sharing of knowledge.
The concept of "Word ATLAS" to be introduced is as follows.
(XNUMX) A huge amount of paper information can be structured and information analysis can be greatly streamlined.
(XNUMX) A non-biased evaluation can be made for formulating medical marketing strategies.
③ Area analysis, key opinion leader (KOL) analysis, competitive analysis, etc. can be analyzed objectively and in a timely manner.
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【Webinar Summary】

◆ Theme: "Word ATLAS", a support tool for new strategy formulation utilizing AI-Visualization of competitive analysis and KOL trends without bias-

◆ Date and time: Thursday, July 2022, 7 14: 12-10: 12

◆ Recommended for people like this!
〇Those who work for the following companies / departments
・ Those who work for a pharmaceutical company
・ Persons in charge of marketing department, medical affairs, business development department, etc.
〇 Those who have the following issues
・ KOL analysis relies on external surveys and has become a snapshot type (spot) analysis in a predetermined area.
・ I want to comprehensively, objectively and timely grasp the quality and quantity of papers related to products.
・ I want to know not only the product but also the area and the momentum of KOL
・ I would like to see the relational values ​​of KOL comprehensively and objectively on a performance basis (paper basis).

◆ Participation conditions: Those who use free addresses, those who are in the same industry as our company, and those whose affiliation is unknown are not allowed to apply.When accessing ZOOM on the day of the event, please enter the name and email address you provided when you applied for the ZOOM participation input field.

FRONTEO Inc. Life Science AI Business Headquarters Medical DX Team
Kentaro Iguchi

Joined IQVIA in 2009.As a sales position (MR), he is active in 6 major domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.He is in charge of psychiatry, cerebrovascular / cranial nerve, cardiovascular, metabolic endocrine, musculoskeletal, etc. from university hospitals to clinics.He is currently involved in proposing solutions that utilize AI at FRONTEO.
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