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[Webinar held on June 6] Reiwa June 23, 4th Amendment Public Interest Whistleblower Protection Law Enforcement

[Nishimura & Asahi Law Office / FRONTEO Co-sponsored Online Seminar]

On June 4, 6th year of Reiwa, the revised Whistleblower Protection Act came into effect.As a result, for businesses with more than 1 regular workers, we will appoint a worker who responds to public interest reports, and establish a system necessary to respond appropriately to public interest reports within the business operator. It was obligatory to take the necessary measures.Although guidelines and explanations have been published regarding the measures that businesses should take, many businesses may be worried whether their measures are sufficient or general.In this seminar, we will explain the points to keep in mind when constructing the whistleblowing system from a practical point of view, focusing on the points that actually became a problem.

[Program] (Partially subject to change)  
(1) Designation of a worker who responds to public interest reports
   ・ Who to specify (internal / outsourced)
   ・ Designation method
   ・ Care support for workers
(2) Establishing a system for responding to public interest reports
   ・ Scope of users (business partners, etc.)
   ・ Ensuring independence from executives ・ Eliminating conflicts of interest
   ・ System development at subsidiaries and overseas subsidiaries
(3) Other practical points to keep in mind


【Webinar Summary】

◆ Title: Reiwa June 4, 6th Amendment Public Interest Whistleblower Protection Law Enforcement-Pitts and Points to Note in Enforcement-
◆Date: Thursday May 2022th 6 @ 23:10 ~ 00:11 (JST)
◆ Fee: Free webinar
◆ Webinar type: Zoom Webinar

◆ Speaker:
Masayuki Yamada
Nishimura & Asahi

We mainly deal with cartel, bribery to foreign public officials, quality fraud, harassment and other corporate scandals, and advice on establishing a compliance system in normal times.Serves as a contact point for whistleblowing of many businesses.His major books include "This is the point of internal reporting troubles of business operators" (co-authored, Legal Information Publishing, 2016) and "Introduction of administrative measures against disadvantageous treatment due to reporting" (Business Legal Affairs August 2020) No.), "Revised points of the whistleblower protection legislation and practical measures" (co-authored, Shunkan Accounting Information, 8), etc.

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