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[Webinar held on April 4th and April 13th] Trends and future vision of the data-driven market in the medical and pharmaceutical fields-New solutions utilizing AI and industry game changers-

In the medical field such as the spread of mobile terminals such as smartphones, the spread of communication-type apps such as SNS, the spread of electronic medical records, the expansion of telemedicine, and the utilization of real-world data amid the progress of the information-oriented society worldwide. In Japan, the introduction of AI and the trend of digitalization are expanding more rapidly than ever before.On the other hand, in addition to the progress of AI technology, there are problems with software and communication networks, and complicated regulations unique to the industry, so the current situation is that the number of AI solutions that have been put into practical use in the medical and pharmaceutical fields is still limited. ..
In this seminar, in addition to the latest trends in the data-driven market in the medical industry, we will introduce the development of program medical devices centered on AI and the future image of the industry, based on specific examples.

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・ [Live delivery] April 2022, 4 (Wednesday) 13: 18-15: 18:
・ [Recorded distribution] April 2022, 4 (Thursday) 14: 12-15: 12:

【Webinar Summary】

◆ Theme: Trends and future vision of the data-driven market in the medical / pharmaceutical field-New solutions utilizing AI and industry game changers-
◆ Date:
・ [Live delivery] April 2022, 4 (Wednesday) 13: 18-15: 18
・ [Recorded distribution] April 2022, 4 (Thursday) 14: 12-15: 12
* Each part has the same contents, so please select one of the times according to your convenience.
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FRONTEO Inc. Life Science AI Business Headquarters Medical DX Team General Manager
Masato Takahashi

After joining Astellas Pharma (formerly Fujisawa Pharmaceutical), after working in a sales position (MR), became a product manager at the sales headquarters.Experience new launches and expanded indications of various products from the primary area to the specialty area (organ / bone marrow transplantation, autoimmune diseases, rare diseases, respiratory diseases, allergic diseases, etc.).After that, as a new product planning, he was involved in the evaluation of product marketability and business feasibility, and from 2014, he experienced the formulation of business plans and the design and operation of a dedicated organization as the director of the transplant immunology area. Joined SymBio Pharmaceuticals Limited, a pharmaceutical bio-venture in 2016.He was involved in the launch of the blood cancer business as a marketing head, and later became the general manager of the company's sales and marketing division.In addition to building an in-house sales (pharmaceutical manufacturer / distributor) system specializing in the blood field and building a digital system, he is engaged in licensing business and alliance management.
Participated in FRONTEO in 2019, planning and directing business strategy for medical device development and launch using the world's first language analysis AI. Build a new business model for drug discovery and drug repositioning that utilizes AI technology. Appointed executive officer in 2021. Aiming to become the global leader as a life science company that integrates AI and medical care. 

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