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[Webinar held on April 4] Internal regulations and points of training-based on the revised Whistleblower Protection Act

April 2022, 3
[Hokuto Sogo Law Office / Nozomi Sogo Law Office / FRONTEO Co-sponsored Online Seminar]

With the enforcement of the revised Whistleblower Protection Act on June 6, this year, each business operator will review the whistleblower system design and internal regulations in accordance with the guidelines and guideline explanations published by the Consumer Affairs Agency. It seems that it is in the stage of finishing and starting to inform the officers and employees.The two instructors were instructors at the seminar co-sponsored by the Consumer Affairs Agency and Nippon Keidanren, which was held on January 1, this year. (The example of the regulation is posted on the website of the Consumer Affairs Agency).This time, based on the example of the regulations, we will explain the points of reviewing the internal regulations, as well as the ideal whistleblowing system in relation to group companies and business partners, and the ideal way of disseminating and training officers and employees. I will explain.

[Program] (Partially subject to change)
(1) Key points of internal rules based on guidelines and explanations of guidelines
(2) Key points of the whistleblowing system that can be used by group companies and business partners
(3) Points for dissemination and training for officers and employees

<Examples of internal rules regarding whistleblowing here>


【Webinar Summary】

◆ Title: Internal Regulations and Training Points-Based on the Revised Whistleblower Protection Act
◆ Date and time: Thursday, February 2022, 4 7:15 – 00:16
◆ Fee: Free webinar
◆ Webinar type: Zoom Webinar

◆ Speaker:
Lawyer corporation Hokuto Sogo Law Office 
Representative partner
We are engaged in a lot of legal compliance-related work, various fraud investigations including third-party committee cases, and design, operation, investigation, and training support for whistleblowing systems.
He has also served as a seminar lecturer sponsored by the Consumer Affairs Agency, and has already served as a seminar lecturer for some practical measures regarding the revised Whistleblower Protection Act.
As books on the whistleblower system, "Future whistleblower system" "Let's make a whistleblower system-10 issues and 111 countermeasures" "Public interest whistleblower protection law changes the company-Strategic construction of whistleblower system and experts (Co-authored with Daisuke Yuki and others, Financial and Financial Situation Study Group).

Daisuke Yuki
Nozomi Sogo Law Office 
Partner Lawyer, New York State Lawyer, Certified Fraud Examiner

Handles corporate legal affairs such as corporate compliance, risk management, crisis management, fraud investigation (including investigation committee), corporate crime defense, international dispute / M & A, overseas subsidiary management, and governance support as an outside officer.There are many lectures, books, and articles on whistleblowing, and he also gives lectures at briefing sessions hosted by the Consumer Affairs Agency and lectures with the Consumer Affairs Agency.
In 2016, he became a director of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners in Japan. Established Legal Risk Management Research Organization (“LR”) in 2015 and assumed office as representative director from 2019. 2019-2020 International Bar Association (IBA) Anti-Burtain Committee Asia Regional Representative, 2021-Vice-Chairman of the Commission's Compliance Subcommittee.

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