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[Webinar held on December 12] Detection of bribery risk at overseas bases-Introduction of peacetime monitoring system-

April 2021, 11
With regard to bribery abroad, especially in China, the government's crackdown has become extremely strict.If you leave the management to a subsidiary, you may be sanctioned for bribery at any time.
Do you have such a problem?
・ I want to carry out a normal audit, but it cannot be realized due to problems with personnel and man-hours.
-For bribery overseas, it is necessary to detect each language in consideration of the scheme, and it is difficult for a company to realize monitoring individually without that know-how.
In this seminar, we will introduce a normal monitoring system such as email and chat audit, focusing on the viewpoint of bribery.


【Webinar Summary】

◆ Title: Detection of bribery risk at overseas bases-Introduction of normal monitoring system-
◆ Date: July 2021, 12 (Tuesday) 7: 16-00: 16
◆ Recommended for people like this!
・ Those who have many overseas bases and are experiencing issues with compliance management
・ Those who are looking for a way to detect fraud at an early stage and prevent it from happening.


Kei Shikada (FRONTEO Inc. Business Intelligence Business Headquarters)
Experienced solution sales for BtoB at a trading company specializing in OA equipment since 2016. Joined FRONTEO in 2020.
After joining the company, at the Business Intelligence Business Headquarters, he carried out proposal activities aimed at solving business problems of customers, mainly in the financial and manufacturing industries.

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