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[Webinar held in September] What is the most effective takeover defense measure? -Refer to recent hostile takeover cases and court cases-

October 2021th, 8
[Online seminar co-sponsored by Oh-Ebashi Law Office / FRONTEO held on September 9]

In recent years, hostile takeover cases have increased.In the past, most of them were by so-called activists, but recently, the number of those by general business companies is increasing.As a listed company, it is necessary to respond appropriately to acquisition proposals that do not necessarily lead to the common interests of shareholders and the enhancement of corporate value.To that end, it is important to fully understand in advance what kind of takeover defense measures are actually effective and what kind of defense measures are legally effective.

In this seminar, we will analyze what kind of defense measures were effective based on specific examples of recent hostile takeover cases, and based on some decisions made by the court on recent takeover defense measures, it is legal. I will explain the effective defense measures.



【Webinar Summary】

◆ Title: What is the most effective takeover defense measure? -Refer to recent hostile takeover cases and court cases-
◆Date: Thursday October 2021, 9 @ 2:15-00:16 (JST)
◆ Fee: Free webinar
◆ Webinar type: Zoom Webinar
◆ Capacity: 500

◆ Speaker:
Tomohiro Sekiguchi, Partner Lawyer, Oh-Ebashi Law Office (Tokyo Office)
We specialize in domestic / cross-border M & A, private equity investment, corporate scandal investigation, corporate governance, international transaction legal affairs, venture support, and various dispute resolution including international litigation. Ranked in the Chambers Global and Asia / Pacific M & A categories.
He has published many articles on M & A, corporate law, and corporate governance, including Business Lawyers and monthly corporate auditors.He will also give many lectures on these fields.
Recent publications include "Issue System Company Law <2nd Edition> 1" (Daiichi Hoki, co-authored in 2021), "Commentary Financial Instruments and Exchange Law [Revised Edition] [Volume 1] Definition and Information Disclosure Regulations" (Kinzai, 2021 co-authored) etc.



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