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[Webinar held on August 8] Practical in-house survey utilizing digital forensics and artificial intelligence AI as seen in case law

October 2021th, 8
[Online seminar co-sponsored by City Yuwa Law Office / FRONTEO held on August 8]

1. Overview of digital forensics
2. Japanese civil court cases concerning digital forensics
3. Legal significance and management decisions to utilize forensics for investigation
4. Trends in the revision of the law for civil trial IT and forensic perspectives
5. American case law on the extraction and analysis of evidence using artificial intelligence (AI)

1. Current digital forensic work process including AI
2. Evidence extraction process using AI used in committee surveys, etc.
3. Cases that narrowed down the data and led to the resolution of the case in a short period of time

1. Things to keep in mind when a company conducts a digital forensic survey
2. A survey case using AI that is different from the conventional keyword search
3. Example of document review quality check efficiency improvement using AI



【Webinar Summary】

◆ Title: Practical in-house survey utilizing digital forensics and artificial intelligence AI as seen in case law
◆ Date and time: Friday, August 2021, 8 27: 14-00: 15
◆ Fee: Free webinar
◆ Webinar type: Zoom Webinar
◆ Capacity: 400

◆ Moderator:
Shiho Tanaka (FRONTEO USA, Inc. VP, Sales & Marketing Division)


◆ Speaker:
Nobuyuki Sakuraba (City Yuwa Law Office)
In charge of PART I.A lawyer belonging to City Yuwa Law Office. Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Law in 1985, Assistant Judge of Tokyo District in 1987, and registered as a lawyer in 1992. (NPO) Director of Digital Forensics Study Group, Chief of Legal Practitioner Subcommittee, Digital Forensics Professional Certification Examination Committee, Tokyo Denki University International Cyber ​​Security Special Course CySec Lecturer, Japan Data Recovery Association Advisor. "Problems of electronic data for proof of facts under IT in court procedures", "Problems of electronic evidence and metadata", co-authored "Digital forensics and cyber security for legal practice", "Electronics" Theory and Practice of Evidence-Collecting, Conserving, and Proving "," Basics and Practice of Digital Forensics "," Digital Forensics Learned from the Basics-From Introductory to Practical Response "," Forefront of Legal Tech Utilization-AI IT changes legal affairs ”and other writings.

Shigecho Ikegami (Director, FRONTEO Inc.)
In charge of PART II.Director of FRONTEO Inc. Joined UBIC Co., Ltd. (currently FRONTEO Inc.), which was just established in 2003, and became a director.He oversees a wide range of sales and planning such as digital forensics business, e-discovery support business (discovery support in international litigation), and risk consulting business. Since 2015, as a new business launch, we will work to expand the fields of utilization of the artificial intelligence "KIBIT" developed in-house, and lay the foundation for the current business intelligence field and life science field.At the same time, we acquired a US e-discovery vendor through M & A (currently FRONTEO USA, Inc.) and contributed to accelerating global expansion by expanding our business in the US.For the labor-intensive legal tech industry, which has long relied solely on human power, we have proposed an innovative e-discovery service that fully utilizes the document review tool "KIBIT Automator" equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). Focus on business expansion through popularization.

Shusaku Nozaki (FRONTEO Inc. Technical Fellow)
In charge of PART III.FRONTEO Inc. Technical Fellow. Joined UBIC Co., Ltd. (currently FRONTEO Inc.) in 2004.Since then, as corporate compliance support, we have provided solutions for internal fraud investigation and auditing such as confidential information leakage and fraud accounting using digital forensics.Trained as a digital forensics instructor for private companies and law enforcement agencies, and trained a large number of investigators.Tokyo Denki University Internationalization Cyber ​​Security Special Course CySec Lecturer, Nihon University Faculty of Crisis Management Part-time Lecturer.His books include "Basics and Practice of Digital Forensics", "Digital Forensics Learned from the Basics-From Introductory to Practical Responses", and "Forefront of Legal Tech Utilization-AI / IT Changes Legal Affairs" (all of the above) Co-authored), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), and EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE).


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