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[Webinar held on August 8] Email monitoring using AI-Discovering fraud from daily communication-

Fraud that leads to the loss of social credibility, such as cartels, bid rigging, and information leaks, will have a major impact on businesses.As a countermeasure against such fraud, it is very effective to "find it quickly" and "take action quickly".However, it is very difficult to audit all business emails with the human eye alone to find signs.
In this webinar, we will introduce an efficient email auditing method using AI that comprehensively checks the emails of audited persons and extracts "suspicious emails" that are signs of fraud.


【Webinar Summary】

◆ Title: Email monitoring using AI-Discovering fraud from daily communication-
◆ Date: July 2021, 8 (Tuesday) 3: 16-00: 16
◆ Recommended for those who have the following issues!
・ I want to perform a peacetime audit of email and chat, but resources are insufficient.
・ Email / chat audits are not comprehensive
・ I want to know an efficient email audit method
・ I'm worried about the sample check
For details of the seminar here

Maiko Tojo(FRONTEO Business Solutions Headquarters)

Joined FRONTEO after engaging in sales positions at a foreign-affiliated and domestic financial company.
In his previous job, he was mainly in charge of customers in the manufacturing and service industries, and has experience in selling life insurance as well as finance.Currently, he is making proposals for using AI to financial institutions by making use of his practical experience.


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