UltraBlock USB3.0 Write Blocker Kit

Digital Intelligence

Reverse data write protection for USB devices

USB write protection

In forensic investigations, the integrity of the evidence data must be maintained in all cases.This product allows you to browse data while physically writing-protecting the storage medium connected via USB.You can also check the information of the connected device.

Product Info

Product Specifications

  Model: W2420

  USB device I/F: USB3.0

  Compatible I/F: USB3.0 x 1

  Size: 143mm x 83mm x 29mm

  Weight: about 204g

  Operating temperature: 0-55 ° C

  Operating humidity: 0 to 90% *No condensation

  Contents: Carrying case, main unit, AC adapter, USB cable

Acquisition of USB device information

With the built-in LCD display, you can get information on the USB device connected to this product such as manufacturer, product model, data capacity (LBA), serial number, etc., and see detailed information.

Liquid crystal display