UltraBlock eSATA IDE to SATA Write BlockerDigital Intelligence

Reverse data write protection device

Forensic investigations need to prevent data writes to maintain the integrity of the evidence data.This product disables writing of any data to the connected HDD.By analyzing the HDD using this product, it is possible to avoid data alteration and view data safely.

Product Info

Product Specifications

  Body dimensions: 146mm x 82.55mm x 28.75mm

  Weight: about 172g

  Operating temperature: 0-55 ° C

  Operating humidity: 0 to 90% *No condensation

Supported interfaces

  Host: USB2.0/eSATA/FireWre x 3 (1394a x 1/1394b x 2)

  Device: IDE(3.5inch)/SATA

Easy operation design

There are three types of connection interfaces with the host PC: USB / eSATA / FireWire.It is easy to use without the need to install or configure drivers.It is possible to check the status such as errors with the indicator lamp.


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