Image MASSter Solo-4 Forensic


Multi-functional maintenance tool


One unit can handle everything from data acquisition to evidence viewing.By installing a large touch panel and combining it with forensic software, it is possible to perform information analysis required in the field.The ultimate multifunctional forensic tool that can obtain evidence from hard disks to various media.


  • Image MASSter Solo-4 is a forensic tool equipped with functions from evidence acquisition to evidence viewing in a lightweight portable body.
  • All the basic data acquisition functions required for forensic surveys are included, and it is possible to respond immediately at survey sites where various situations are expected.
  • Since it is equipped with Windows OS, you can easily analyze the acquired data on the spot by installing the evidence analysis software.
  • Standard support for SAS / USB, which previously required a dedicated device.By using the optional adapter, it also supports IDE (1.8 inch / 2.5 inch / ZIF).One-to-one x 1 duplication at the copy source and copy destination, and cross-copy from IDE to SATA are also possible.
  • Achieves the fastest copy speed of 37.0GB / min.
  • The copy source port is set to write protection to avoid writing troubles on the copy source HDD.
  • Compatible with various memory devices by using the optional media card reader.
  • By using the optional Link MASSter (* see option) Boot CD, data can be acquired quickly even in situations where it is difficult to remove the HDD from the PC.
  • Hash value is generated while copying. (Compare verify is also possible)
  • Supports not only 100% physical copy, but also copying with a forensic image without writing.
    LinuxDD format
    Automatically saves acquired data management information in the log
    EnCase format
    Equivalent to Linux DD.In addition, data can be compressed
  • Equipped with a function to acquire data in network storage using Gigabit Ethernet.
    Data can be acquired according to the actual evidence preservation process without changing the access date and time of files and folders.

Image MASSter Solo-4 operation screen

Main functions

Acquisition mode

  • 100% physical copy
  • Linux DD Copy / Linux DD Restore / Linux DD Hash
  • E01 copy / E01 restore
  • Disk hash value calculation (CRC32 / MD5 / SHA-1 / SHA-256)
  • Disk capacity limit HPA / DCO
  • Disk format (exFAT, NTFS)

Log information

  • Operation log (HDD format, serial number, number of sectors, etc.)
  • Audit trail (investigator name, investigation environment, situation, etc.)

Erase mode (2 HDDs can be erased at the same time)

  • DoD compliant standard data erasure
  • Manual (specify the number of times) Data erasure


  • Compatible drive
    IDE / SATA / SAS / USB
    Copy to
    IDE / SATA / SAS / USB
    • One IDE (3.5 & 2.5inch) compatible adapter is installed as standard.
    • Supports SCSI, Firewire, ZIF, and media cards with an option kit.
  • Big Drive compatible
  • Number of copies 2: 2 units 1 to 1 x2 (parallel copy)
  • Compatible compact media (using optional card reader)
    Compact Flash, SD card, Memory Stick, Smart Media card
  • Drive lock function (write protection)

Various ports (HDD port)

Various ports (rear)


  • Link MASSter option
  • LinkMASSter MAC CD
  • Card Reader
  • Conversion adapter for 1.8 inch HDD
  • Conversion adapter for ZIF HDD
  • SCSI Options Expansion Box
  • SCSI low voltage SCA-80 adapter
  • SCSI Wide to SCSI Narrow Adapter 50/60
  • Fiber Channel adapter

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