MSAB Office  * Old XRY COMPLETEMade in Micro Systemation (Sweden Headquarters) Japan Localization

Mobile device forensic software

MSAB Office

It is an all-in-one mobile terminal forensic software that supports more than 20,000 models and can extract data in the terminal at the same time for up to 3 units, which is different from similar products so far.It is also equipped with various export functions, greatly expanding the range of forensic surveys on mobile terminals.


    • It has been adopted by police, law enforcement agencies, national defense agencies, etc. in more than 100 countries around the world.Among them, the British police have a 97% adoption rate and have established themselves as a global standard in mobile forensics.
    • It is compatible with over 20,000 mobile devices used around the world.
    • By using the dedicated hub included in the kit, data can be extracted from up to 3 units at the same time.
    • By importing the extracted data into the free software "XAMN Spotlight", you can view the data even on a PC that does not have this product installed.
    • Supports various export formats.It is also useful for reporting within your organization and for submitting it to court as evidence.
    • The user interface is visual and easy to understand, and even first-time users can operate it intuitively.

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Included items

  • XRY application and license key
  • Rewritable SIM ID Cloner Card
  • XACT Hex Viewer Application
  • XAMN Spotlight application
  • CD / DVD / Blue-ray Burning Wizard
  • Mobile phone cable kit (iOS device, Android device, various mobile devices)
  • Memory card reader with write protection
  • Dedicated briefcase and cable holder
  • Cleaning brush
  • Japanese manual