We changed our corporate name from UBIC, Inc. to FRONTEO, Inc. as of July 1st, 2016.

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  • KIBIT Automator

    KIBIT Automator

    “KIBIT Automator” is an AI tool which is developed to improve the efficiency of document review in e-discovery required in US litigation, reducing labor and cost.By being able to cope with short-term disclosure required by companies, KIBIT Automator is also utilized in investigations such as compliance violations and quality issues.

  • Play the video of "Multiple litigation data management system" Lit i View" BIG DATA CASE MANAGER"

    Multiple litigation data management system “Lit i View” BIG DATA CASE MANAGER

  • Play the video of "FRONTEO's Analytics Tool

    FRONTEO's Analytics Tool “Central Linkage 2”

  • Play the video of "Patent Explorer 19"

    Patent Explorer 19

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    FRONTEO concept movie