Behavior Informatics Laboratories

Analyzing Big Data and looking into human behavior.

What is Behavior Informatics Laboratory?

At the laboratory, we engineer applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and carry out big data analysis, all of which are projects based on FRONTEO’s original concept called Behavior Informatics. Our research covers NLP and data mining. We also develop software series. Furthermore, we make use of feedbacks provided by users. The R&D work cycle at the laboratory accelerates as we reach out and collaborate more with society.

Leveraging AI-based technologies developed at the laboratory, we have expanded into new business domains such as the intellectual property assessment and business intelligence. Moreover, we are ready to further explore into new fields with series of software including an automated differential diagnosis system for the healthcare sector, and a system to prevent insider trading for the financial domain. With such a wide array of AI-driven technologies, FRONTEO aims to contribute society and manifest a safe and healthy environment.

Natural Language Processing NLP

Dealing with unstructured data, we run NLP to turn unstructured data into structured data. This process includes elements of semantics, pragmatics, and stylistics.

Data Mining

Organize and retrieve valuable information from structured data.


Besides parallel processing, performance optimization includes the usage of improved file structures and better algorithms.

Knowledge Base

Build up a knowledge base that has a supply of various file attribute information.

Behavior Science modeling

Design structural model after analyzing data with behavioral informatics.


Think to create a customer-centric approach where users can go through an experience when using our application.

Application Development

Develop AI (KIBIT) engine for project series of Lit i View.

Cloud Infrastructure

Monitor, provide maintenance, and build up Intelligence Cloud around the world.

Technical Support

We offer 24/7 technical support worldwide to our clients, business partners, and internal operational departments.